Saturday, August 17, 2013

FFG's STAR WARS X-WING...I'm Giving In To The Dark Side!

My friends, you know that I have been working on TOMORROW BLACK for a long time, and it has been a task full of joy and frustration. I am going to take a break from all of this effort, and have some fun with gaming again. Who said "When You Make Your Hobby A Business, The Hobby loses It's Appeal..."

Soo...I want to "Just Have Some Fun With Gaming." Okay...where to start?

What do I really do I LOVE, enough to spend time and money on?

I am not about to get back into 30MM Miniatures Games again...I am in love with Small Scale Miniatures, which is probably why I have spent so much time and money to develop my own 15MM Game.

Video Games... Hell No! I grew up in the time of  Video Arcades and I have played all of the classic Video Games, way back when it was all new to the world...Ha, Ha!

RPG! Nope...I do not like the video game style of RPG that has developed in the recent decade. It is just another Video Game IMO. I am not going back to Traditional RPG either! I have no hope at all in starting up a serious Pen & Paper Game since all of my friends have busy lives, or have moved away, it is impossible to get three to six good people together with any regularity to run a REAL RPG Game.

Board, they are silly, and I played them when I was a kid, along with Video Games, besides...the hip new games are like CCGs or CMGs that generally use 30MM models, and that is pretty much like going back to Warhammer.

Is there a cool, fully supported Sci-Fi or Horror Small Scale Miniatures Game that I can play  Solo or with just one fellow player...and will I enjoy the Game Mechanics & Aesthetics of IT?

This news just made it even sweeter: The New X-WING Large Models!

I Am Going To Make The Jump Into Hyperspace!


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