Saturday, March 26, 2011

S.E.C. MECH CLASS-A & MFD Completed Sculptures Preview

Tech Weaponry comes in many classifications from huge S.E.C. batteries mounted upon the ramparts of fortified instillation's, to tiny devices hidden in a piece of jewelry.
Perhaps the most common of these (with the exception of utilitarian weaponry of course) are S.E.C. Mechs.

Security Enforcement Constructs (S.E.C.s) are designed and manufactured almost exclusively in The TECH Vaults of Techer Cities. These deadly Mechs are available to anyone with the wits to deal with Techers (and survive) and the cash to pay for them. NAC has long standing trade agreements with TECH Nation, and use most of the various S.E.C. Mechs manufactured by them .

The S.E.C. Mech any traveler can expect to encounter first when entering The Outskirts of TECH or NAC Territories is a Class A Death Tower or it's counterpart, an Electro Braced  Multi Function Drone (MFD).

Death Towers are typically encountered in their Monitoring Mode. The Main Body, or Tower,  is retracted in a Fixed Sub-level Mount (FSM) where it can be repaired by an MFD, constantly charged, and the Mimi Missile Launchers are reloaded by an Auto Loader or MFD. When the sensors identify a trespasser, the Tower rises quietly and waits for the subject to enter it's Field Of Action (FOA). Depending on the Command Protocol set by the S.E.C. Mech's owner,  the Tower will warn off intruders or attack them until they are either incapacitated or dead or have left the Machines FOA.
The Tower has  the ability to use a Low Power version of it's Laser which acts as a highly effective Stun Beam. When the assigned protocol has been met for a particular situation, the Tower quietly descends back into it's FSM, and goes back in Monitor Mode. If the Machine was acting under The Acquire Protocol and it used it's Laser in Stun Mode, it will notify the proper entities of the incapacitated subject, and deploy one or both of it's MFDs to recover the target for collection.

Multi Function Drones are stored in the FSM with the Death Tower. Typically a Tower has two MFDs at it's disposal. An MFD has the ability to fight if need be. It is well armoured like the Tower, and carries a Light Pulse Laser and Medium Utility Arm. The arm is equipped with a Tazer and Cutter as well as a Grip Claw with Inset Multi Tool Unit. The MFDs are sent out to preform long range observation if the Tower deems it necessary to track numerous or particularly dangerous intruders into it's FOA.

A Word On Design.  I have designed this sculpture so that it can  be used on the tabletop in Monitoring (Tower Down) and Active (Tower Up) mode. The set will include: 1 Fixed Sub-level Mount (FSM) Base with the Port and Scanner Module, 1 Tower, 2 MFDs, 2 Flight Bases, 1 Bits Sprue which includes the Heads, Pule Lasers, and Utility Arms for the Drones.

Note: The MFD Unit is often used by Techers. This means that you are getting a peek at the cute little Hover Bot that will come with my Bionoid Techer Babe, when I do her in her active (Not a captive...LOL)  Mode. As a complete Figure Set. I still need to finish sculpting her Jetter (Jet Bike) and convert her so she is ...Uhh...fully dressed.



  1. Sounds cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.

  2. JOE...There you are Buddie!
    You look like a right nice feller.

    Yeah I was tired on the day I wrote this up, and then Blogger was acting funny so I waited to post. Funny thing is that after I had the extra time to look at the models, I decided to clean up some areas, and do more

    This was a damn taxing little set of figures to make, hard edges and TECH stuff are very time consuming.

    I like the challenges, and as I learned some things this time, I am not disappointed with these pieces.

  3. I don't know how you do it! I don't have the patience nor the talent. I think I might try it one time this summer and I'll send you the pictures!!!

  4. Kitty, Do it girl!

    Welcome Matt!

  5. Joseph, epic as always. Keep it up!

  6. If it ain't Epic...why bother?
    Thanks B!
    I am just about ready to mail all of these toys off to be Mastered.
    Oh Glory...Oh!


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