Friday, April 29, 2011

I Started Building The BME Site Tonight!

Oh I just put a great big $ the new house. That got me a full year of hosting, domains, emails, security thingies, and well a lot of pain in the butt new work to do.

It is going to kill me or I am going to Make it holler my damn name!

I figured to be safe I would allow a month to build the site. I am glade I did now that I have seen what it is going to entail. I have a lot to figure out and to set up yet.

Ed is going to help me with the damn thing, so it should be fine here in the next week or

I share most of what I am doing from the very start, with you go have a look and a giggle at the glorious new BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM Home.

Big Joe is about to start his biz-ness...for must be The Eleventh Hour.

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