Monday, March 19, 2012

RKE Introduces: Materion 15/20MM Sci-Fi PaperTerrain Set!

Brothers of The One Five, check this out!

You can pretty much fill an entire 3x3' gaming table with this 13 building set. I am not a fan of Paper Terrain, but this new collection of diverse Tech Buildings, Tech City Details, and Illuminated Roadways looks great!

RKE Games is a brand new kid on our 15MM block, and from what I can see, their first release is going beyond the typical offerings, and is aspiring to a new level of coolness! The lighting effects alone make these buildings look alive.

This premier collection of Materion Tech Terrain, is very much a close representation of how I see much of my TECH Nation Terrain, which is of course why I posted this article. Go buy a get it ready for use with my forthcoming TECH Nation Faction!


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