Thursday, January 6, 2011

MURG FLIES & BASES Completed Sculptures Preview

I thought it would be cool to start the new month and year of postings with a preview of some COMPLETED SCULPTURES...for a change.

I am pleased to share with you a very challenging and yet enjoyable little task; the creation of M.U.R.G. Flies!

Imagine your Enemies Heavy Weapons Unit...the one entrenched in that tall building...way over there...having to deal with a sudden swarm of these Poison Little Devils biting, stinging, and buzzing in their faces.
Now your best Martial Troops can get across that field that had been so deadly a moment ago, and do their job in earnest!

A word on Design. I am working on many sculptures similar to these Lovable Buzzing Meanies, such as Huratt Seekers, TECH Nation Drones, and others. All of these tiny sculptures will be afforded the same attention to detail that I give my larger works, including scenic bases.

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