Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tweak Week

This is it gang, the last week of work on my First Miniatures Set. I have a few things to do,  here and there to clean up little areas that I only noticed after getting the pictures done. I have enough Completed work to fill the first Master Mold, so I am going to get the models in the mail this week.

It is funny but after wanting to do this for so many years...and after everybody (that knows more than I do about casting) tells me I am there, I waited a little longer.
I think I had to process it, and make

Wake up can fill up a mold some...send the fucking models off to your caster!


The QWIK Rule Book...Kinda Neat!

I just received my copy from Ed. These are fun rules gang. You can do a lot with this game, in the box, and out of the box. I love rules that allow for Unique Characters, and this has it. If you can think it up, you can pretty much do it in game.

If you are into doing Gladitorial Slirmish, and want some rules for a bit of Mad Max coolness, you just might want to pick up a copy of QWIK.


Friday, April 29, 2011

I Started Building The BME Site Tonight!

Oh I just put a great big $ the new house. That got me a full year of hosting, domains, emails, security thingies, and well a lot of pain in the butt new work to do.

It is going to kill me or I am going to Make it holler my damn name!

I figured to be safe I would allow a month to build the site. I am glade I did now that I have seen what it is going to entail. I have a lot to figure out and to set up yet.

Ed is going to help me with the damn thing, so it should be fine here in the next week or

I share most of what I am doing from the very start, with you go have a look and a giggle at the glorious new BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM Home.

Big Joe is about to start his biz-ness...for must be The Eleventh Hour.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How about that QWIK?

Ed has published the rules, and Rod has his first miniature sets out.
Okay what is next?
A Lot.

I am going to have The QWIK Arena Staff out in about 6 weeks. After that I will get my Mutant Juggers and first Human Team done. I am also working on some Characters, Monsters and Mini Mechs, to make the game more interesting. 

Based on my thoughts about it, and some good conversations with Ed and Rod, we are going to get a nice range of Apocalyptic Gladiators out on the market this year. This is all just getting started...


Saturday, April 23, 2011


These little machines are going to be fun when I get them completed I should think, and downright useful in games.

A Word On Design. I am going to make these very tiny models as detailed as possible. They are the little Bot side kicks for some of my Characters, and cool Terrain Elements which will impact game play.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

QWIK HUMAN TEAMS 1&2 Production Castings...I Got Mine Free!

See what happens when you are friends with a Sculptor and a Rules Author?
You get free Toys & Books!

Rod sent me 2 complete sets of his QWIK Human Teams this weekend, and Ed is sending me my copy of The QWIK Rules this week.
Haa, Haa!

Seriously, I am happy to see this project go from WALK. It happened faster than some expected.

I am looking forward to adding my continuing work, with some new Mutants and Characters to this fine range of unique models.

Thanks again Rod and Ed.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MONSTERS: GRIZZOUGHT Completed Sculpture Preview

"Travel far, and make good The Hunt my son... but always know the Fast-way home, for you are not alone in The Wild."

Grizzought are Lion-like Kodiak Bear sized beast which Hunt The Wild, and other remote places of The NAC Dominion. These dreaded hunters are stealthy, fast, and very powerful. The hide of an adult Grizz is virtually impervious to commonly used Ballistic Weapons, making them a great threat to even well equipped travellers.

A Word On Design. The Grizzought's tail has been sculpted seperate, for ease of casting.
I think this Ferocious Beast will make a fine addition to my QWIK Gladiatorial Range. We want to have some Beast in The Arena to fight...don't we?



Saturday, April 16, 2011

MURG SLUG Completed Sculpture Preview

The Murghaste Warriors use Infected Beast during their raids, to sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies, among these wretched things, many defenders have been lost to Murg Slugs.

MURG Slugs, like their cousins MURG Imps and Flies, dwell wherever The Murghaste thrive.
Slugs are in part a random mutation, like most Murg Beast, however The Murghaste Warriors chose aggressive specimens as Pets and Guardians. These chosen are trained and fed meats enhanced by drops of their Masters own blood. This causes Murg Slugs to become more aggressive, and imparts a greater strength and even a base intelligence to the wretched things.
Unlike Murg Flies and Imps, Slugs are able to grow back limbs and are more resilient against damage, which affords the beast a higher station among the small infected things that gather to Murg Camps. The best of the Slugs, like Murg Hounds, are equipped with TECH Weapons and Surveillance gear. These Greater Beast are used in combat, and are given reign over the many Lesser Beast.

A Word On Design. This little fellow was fun to achieve. He has been made for my 15MM Tomorrow Black Series, however this sculpture may well become The First of a little 6MM Sci-Fi Product Range. I am still thinking about this...


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BIOSECT: ROACH Completed Sculpture Preview

"I have seen brave men, Great Warriors,  pulled into the vile wet blackness of The Under...and they could not scream."

Biosect Roaches are not a Dark Science Race however their mutation evolved from feeding upon such beings. Roach-Men, as they are sometimes called, thrive in The Under and in any other dark damp place with a reasonable food supply. They often locate themselves near appropriately temperate Human Settlements.

Roaches are The Ultimate Solitary Survivalist. They are considered to be an Evil race, but they are actually neutral, caring only for what is best for them. Females will watch their Eggs until they hatch, but once the Imps are able to feed, they are left to their own fates.
Occasionally Adults have been known to form small bands of their own kind, or work with other species of Biosect, and even Manamals, and other Humanoids.The average Adult Roach is about 7'6" and weighs around 260lbs. Adults are Master Hunters, and Path Finders. Roach-Men are at least as intelligent as a capable Human. They are cunning and absolutely deadly opponents in Martial Combat. A single Warrior Roach is roughly as strong as six good Human males. Their Digits and Back Arms are razor sharp and able to rip metal open like so much damp paper. The typical adult is entirely armoured and can sustain a full burst at point blank range from all but the most powerful Ballistic Weapons. All Biosects have sharp reflexes and are fast on their feet, Roaches are uncanny in this regard. Roach Warriors are very keen on Tech, and employ a variety of Guns and other Tech Weapons stolen or salvaged from their victims, and allies. Roach-Men can speak to other intelligent beings and all types of Insects via a minimal form of Intuitive Telepathy.

A Word On Design. I have kept the Back Limbs of my Roach-Men as a seperate bit, for the ease of casting, and so that we can pose these extra arms in whatever way looks best to us.
This has been a fun model to conceive, and finally complete. I learned some new approaches to sculpting on this little Bad Ass Bug

Saturday, April 9, 2011



I posted a similar poll back in the Black Autumn Days and it went nowhere. I have changed everything in my little world since then...this time the deal IS real.

The purpose of this Poll is to determine what Manamal Types will be made first and also which will get the Gang or Race treatment. I am going to sculpt one of everything in this poll, as a cool Monster/Character. Any of these Mutant Animal Humanoids will make a damn fun NPC or Special PC in RPG and a MERC or Monster Encounter in Skirmish Games.

If the poll and subsequent sales elevate certain Manamals, then I will do a Gang or Complete Race of the popular species. To give you some idea of how these sculptures may look, I am sharing some of the art that I have in my Reference Folders. I am not making my models just like this, but you can get the Flavor from these images.

A Word On Design. I have other Manamal Species in mind, this is the first batch, to get the product range started in earnest.

Other Manamal Species currently on my work desk.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20,000 Visitors & 5 New Friends!

We passed 20,000 this week, and in the last two weeks five Brothers of The One Five have chosen to accompany me on my Sculpting Adventures.

You people are Gold. I like you heaps and piles worth of Pewter!


Friday, April 1, 2011


I received the new Trees and some more Modern Lamps last week. I can now arrange all of the main components and do a dry run for the complete layout. I am including images of some Cutting Mats that I am going to use for parking lots. I am also including my M1 Tanks and an APC to give everything scale.

I think these trees are going to make The Dead The Mats are a great way to get large areas done without buying expensive Plasticard, or using card that will rot over time.

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