Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How about that QWIK?

Ed has published the rules, and Rod has his first miniature sets out.
Okay what is next?
A Lot.

I am going to have The QWIK Arena Staff out in about 6 weeks. After that I will get my Mutant Juggers and first Human Team done. I am also working on some Characters, Monsters and Mini Mechs, to make the game more interesting. 

Based on my thoughts about it, and some good conversations with Ed and Rod, we are going to get a nice range of Apocalyptic Gladiators out on the market this year. This is all just getting started...



  1. Your minis are very nice, where to buy them?

  2. Lobo Thank you!

    I am working on the Business Licensing and Pay Pal issues, building a Website and sending the models to be Molded and Cast all this month.

    I plan to have these first models ready for sale in the next 6 weeks.


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