Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tweak Week

This is it gang, the last week of work on my First Miniatures Set. I have a few things to do,  here and there to clean up little areas that I only noticed after getting the pictures done. I have enough Completed work to fill the first Master Mold, so I am going to get the models in the mail this week.

It is funny but after wanting to do this for so many years...and after everybody (that knows more than I do about casting) tells me I am there, I waited a little longer.
I think I had to process it, and make

Wake up can fill up a mold some...send the fucking models off to your caster!



  1. Congratulations!!!

    Keep up the good work :)
    The Colonel

  2. Mwuahaha... I can post inline comments now. No one is safe.

    yeah, it's always a bit stunning when you sit down and realize that, "Hey, I have enough things sculpted to do something." It's also a bit disconcerting seeing all of that hard work go out in the mail, never quite sure exactly what you'll get back. usually the results are pretty damned cool, though. Enjoy.


  3. Thank you Bros.
    Cool Roddie, then stay on my ass to keep the work up.
    To tell the truth, I am kind of in shock...a
    Ed is going to help me set up my site, and it is paiid for for a full year now. I have money in the bank to pay Iron Wind too for the Master Mold.
    All I need to do is finish up some last minute clean up, and send the sculptures off.
    This IS all about to be real.


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