Thursday, June 30, 2011


Moving right along on these...and I am enjoying the work.



Iron Monks are another Warrior Caste of The Temple Of The Metacaste. They train to use their inner Force and Body harmoniously. I will post a detailed Overview of them when I have completed the first models.

This WIP is of a Meta Sapian. I will post more on this later...

A Word On Design.  I am sculpting this particular Iron Monk with separate arms and weapons, and he will also be done piloting a Heavy War Bike.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Further Down The Dead Road

I am adding these new building kits to The Dead Road.

Modern Strip Mall
Drive-Through Bank Kit HO

These are going to give The Dead Road a great look I think. I love the idea of making a large parking lot with these buildings and other details all round that eerie open space...



Some many of you are probably aware of this, others may not be. I knew that the films have been in preproduction, but this morning while prowling around the net, doing some research for some of my own sculpting projects, a found this recent video on YouTube. This is the first Hobbit Production video, and was posted by Sir Peter Jackson personally, at his Facebook site, only two months ago.

I am very much looking forward to seeing and owning these films!

I have been posting articles about what I term Sci-Horror, here at WAR ART, because that is what I am currently working on, for my first game, which  is set in such a future world,  I do however love Fantasy.
The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings stories have inspired me for most of my life, and the films with all of the special DVD content; Galleries, and Interviews are absolutely motivational. It is hard to watch other very talented sculptors and illustrators talk about their work, and not get in the mode to do some of my own.

If you have not seen this video...enjoy.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been wanting to do something like the Weirding Way as depicted in DUNE 1984, or Noise Marines in 15MM for some time. Just as my Murghaste Warriors fill the need to do a crazy Mutant Nasties Faction, The Sonic Clerics take care of the need for Tech-Sonic Martial Warriors.

I have the first three Armatures ready for sculpting now, thanks to The Shelly Masters. I am going to do a base Sonic Weapon, and cast it with some of my other Guns & weapons, these first three will have Heavy Weapons, and so there is no need to do more than this trio. Later I will do at least three more Clerics with the Guitar-like Weapon, in some of the crazy jumping and spinning poses that I saw just last week in Celldweller's Switch Back Video...I love it.

The Weirding Way Scene - Dune Movie (1984) - HD

Okay, back to sculpting...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7 Months, 100 Post, 58 Brothers, 1 Sista, & A Lot Of Page Views!

So I just posted for the 100Th time on my Silly Little Blog.

Who gives a Fuuuck.


A few people do...and that IS cool by me.


Hurry Up & Wait...

So I ordered a nice new set of Micro Files with my paints and other supplies the other week.
For some reason Neal's War Store showed the item IN Stock. I get everything but The Damn Files, delivered last week. The files I needed most, since I have all of these damn tiny Murg Flies and other figures that need to be cleaned very well indeed, as they are the models that will be used to make my Production Molds, which is what you Brothers Of Mine will be getting for your collections.

I am going to wait until the end of the month, to see if Neal can get these little tools to me, his worker said they have been waiting for them from the manufacturer. If there is no joy or a delivery date by next week, I am going to have Neal,s people credit my order to another set of paint, and buy the files elsewhere.

These things I need the damn files to paint my stuff, and more importantly, I need them to get these Masters ready for The Production Molds.

Fun ain't it?


Sunday, June 19, 2011

15MM Noise Marines?

No. Sonic Clerics.

I have known about CELLDWELLER, for years, but when a friend shared this music with me, he sampled the Pop/Dance stuff because that is what he liked. I though, yeah, okay, but I rather listen to NIN.
Anyhow, years later another friend sent me some links to Celldweller's harder music, just this week.


I have been working on ideas to make my Good Factions as cool as the Evil Factions.
This is a real task, in my experience. Bad Guys get to be fucking crazy, and scary...good guys most of the time, get to dress in a neat little Sci-Fi Zuite Suite, cary a Rifle, and take their place in that long ass BORING line with all of the other Sci-Fi Human Troopers on the 15MM market.

Fuck That.

Anyhow, I am going to keep the details of this new concept for my Sonic Clerics on the low, until I can show you some sculpting.
I am going to include them as another aspect of my Iron Monks Faction. I am glade that I held off on working on then for a bit, because now they are going to have more diversity, and they are going to be a wee tad cooler too.

I saw this cover art, and was inspired by it, then found the original artwork, and realized that what I had seen on YouTube was edited. I of course needed to fix the for fun. You can see the edited art on the first video below.

If you do not know about Klayton's Celldweller, check out some of his work. The hard stuff, the epic cool!
It has really lite a fire under my big ass...and that is a good thing.

Cool huh?


Monday, June 13, 2011

Keeping It REAL

One disease many Hobbyist suffer from is staying Motivated. It is fun to hop around from project to project, never really getting anything done. Since I have started to work on my Factions, I have to be disciplined with my time. I have to say; it IS a pain in the ass to stay on task, keeping it REAL is...Hard Work.

I have been able to keep on task, more or collecting art which inspires me, but a better, more recent remedy has been to buy many Audio Books. Listening to these cool stories as I sculpt and draw has made my work time more enjoyable.

If you are interested in collecting Audio Books, I recommend Audible. You can get some very good deal if you become a Monthly Subscriber. I got Stephen King's IT, which is a 40 hour long book, for $7, at my 3 month intro cost. The regular monthly membership is only $14. You may enjoy their library, there are thousands of titles, all of which are offered at a nice discount for Gold Members.

So here I am, listening to Sci-Fi and Horror stories, and sculpting my little Robots and

Fun, fun, fun!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Power Of GIMP!

I have been using some low end art programs over the last few years. This was no big deal since I have been focusing on my sculpting. Now that I am gearing up to do The TOMORROW BLACK Core Rules, my first serious book, I have been thinking about what to buy for a new art program.

My old friend Dave Rogers told me about GIMP this week. GIMP is a free program designed to emulate Photo Shop.

I downloaded it the other day, and I'll be damned if it don't. I have a lot to figure out yet, but so far it is looking like I can save my money for Miniatures Production cost.

I might be able to improve my art a good bit now, with these new airbrush, and blending tools.

Wish me Luck gang!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paper Work, Paint, More Masters, And A Billboard!

This was a busy little week. I had my first meeting with my Business Advisor. We talked for about 30 minutes, and she had me fill out a few papers. It was really kind of easy. So I know more than I did, and have a good idea of what to do next to get BME Up & Running Legitimately.

My all new Paint Supplies came in from The War Store, and another batch of Master Castings arrived from Iron Wind Metals too.
Now I can actually start painting all of these Miniatures. Oh Glory, Oh Joy, Oh Wonder! This is the first GOOD Paint that I have owned in years.

I think I can still paint, but before I even try to work on My Pewter People and Monsters, I am going to try to (neatly) mess up this cool little Billboard. I need to experiment with these new Varnishes and Glazes a bit, then move on to the real work.

It might even be fun...


Monday, June 6, 2011


Hail Brothers of Sci-Horror!

I am starting to work on Cover Mock-ups now, 5 months away from release, so that I do not have to rush later...and try to put something together at the last minute. Please not that the Girl Concept is borrowed Lois Royo art, but I am thinking of doing a painting similar to it, so it works as a demonstration of concept. In my new painting there will be a huge ass monster behind the wall she is setting against. I am going to make the city look more Tech also I think...

I am probably going to do an all new painting for the cover, but the Dire will still be used, on the back cover I think. The NEW Logos are by my old friend David Rogers.

What do you think Brothers, are these decent, or do they suck?



Friday, June 3, 2011

Tools, Toys, and Paint!

I just ordered a bunch of fun goodies; Micro Files, more HO Scale Buildings, and Vallejo Paints, Washes, and Primer. I need the files to better clean the Masters. The new buildings are a part of a project that I have wanted to do for years. These will be used with part of The Dead Road Terrain.  The Vallejo supplies are going to be the real source of work, as I have not done any painting in years.

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