Sunday, July 31, 2011


This might work now. I have figured out some of the issues, for one I had been bumbling around with Internet Exploring, which is as slow as fuck, and Google Chrome is fiddly, despite being fast, now I am going to use Fire Fox to finish the site construction.
With that figured out, I have to thank my little Brother David Rogers, for all of his help and advice in site building, and learning a new program. He fixed the issues for me, and what you see now is because of his efforts on my behalf.

So here is The BME Site ready to be filled with as much worthy content as I can manage in the next three months.

How does it look Brothers?

There is still a lot to do, but at least I am working...



  1. Always good to see progress, well done!

  2. Clean crisp looking site, I think it is a good choice for a webstore.

    Bring on the content brother!!!

  3. Thank You Brothers.
    You are both so already in "The BME Brotherhood".

    13% off all purchases, and free Limited (to BME Bros) shit


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