Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is It OCTOBER...Yet?

I DESPISE The Summer.

It drains me, gives me headaches, and makes me sleepy. It is also the time when all of the wonderful pretty people are out bouncing and yammering...let's sweat and frolic amongst the bugs and humidity...Yah!

No thanks.

I am an Autumn, Winter, Spring Man-in that order. I have decided to hold on starting BME until October, because it will be better for me, and ultimately for you too.
I will have more done then, and can make it more worth your shipping and handling cost...when you place an order you will have dozens of choices, rather than a few odd packs.

There are other factors motivating the October Opening, but that is to be expected. I am having a difficult time with the website, and also I want to get more art done to make the BME and TOMORROW BLACK Sites look better. Then there is the REAL Factor: I am doing this all out of my own pocket, so money needs to be spent on a budget.

Not to worry, it will all get done, and be better for the extra time. It will feel right, and it will Rock...in October.



  1. I know what you mean about summer. I think I'm down to just fall and spring, winter here sucks.

  2. Winter can kill you here too...lol.
    Let me lie down in the snow any day.

    I have never liked fucking miserable ass summer, even when I was young and as hard as a bull; I hated this goddamned fucking season.

    The time when the wonderful Sheeple come out to annoy us...Yah.

    "Oh look, the sun is out, Tee-Hee! Let's mill about in the mall, even if we don't have any money to spend. Let's run around half naked and see if we can get pregnant out of wedlock, because we like our grandparents to raise our illegitimate brats while we talk on our cell phones and text each other about what we are going to do this weekend! We love the summer, Tee-Hee!"

    Come Fall...Come Winter...to HELL with this time of year, and everybody that likes it!



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