Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

Bad Ass Bill at Good Ole TMP used one of my rambles for a recent TMP Poll.
This got me to thinking, something I do from time to time...
What do my Brothers here think about the core aspects of gaming? I am going to start my own little poll here so vote and comment, just for fun.

So considering the core or Tabletop Gaming: Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, and Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

I think you need all four to have a great game, but if I had to put one aspect above the rest it would be The Miniatures, which is IMO The Art of the Hobby. Sure you can have a good game with cards, or dice, like in Poker or Yahtzee...but this ain't cards & dice.

Ultimately I want the BEST in all aspects of our little toy gaming lifestyle.



  1. The modelling aspect definitely comes first. I'm just a bit more on the 'miniatures' side, but terrain is almost equally important.

    As for the rules, I have a problem which - as I suspect after reading some posts on TMP - many of us have: I tend to gather a ridiculous amount of rulesets, few of which are actually ever played. Collecting rulebooks and looking for new ruling ideas is at times as important as that massive pile of lead I'm trying to dig through ;-)

    The storyline isn't that all important for me - I base the preference of one setting over another more on the overall ambience than on the detailed background. For example, I may have read a bit on WW2, but it's mainly the look of German uniforms and equipment that makes it an interesting modelling/wargaming subject for me. I may have come into contact with quite a few fantasy settings - but it's mainly the knack for early modern period that makes Warhammer Fantasy more interesting for me than DnD and the like.

  2. That is how I feel to a degree.
    For example I love Dethklok. The lyrics are fun and cool, but also silly. I do not care about the words Nathan bellows as much as I enjoy how he sounds and the way the music sounds as a whole. The music makes me feel a certain way, and I like that.
    I think in this example the Rules are the lyrics.
    Does that make sense guys?

  3. I'm more of a terrain first, minis second, storyline and rules last. I know what you mean about the music, too.

  4. So you build the world, and then populate it. I can see that in your work too. Cool Bro.

    I think the rules guys do that to a degree also. They want to lock down how the game will be played, then they worry about what to use to implement the scenarios.
    They would be happy with paper counters I reckon.


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