Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

Bad Ass Bill at Good Ole TMP used one of my rambles for a recent TMP Poll.
This got me to thinking, something I do from time to time...
What do my Brothers here think about the core aspects of gaming? I am going to start my own little poll here so vote and comment, just for fun.

So considering the core or Tabletop Gaming: Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, and Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

I think you need all four to have a great game, but if I had to put one aspect above the rest it would be The Miniatures, which is IMO The Art of the Hobby. Sure you can have a good game with cards, or dice, like in Poker or Yahtzee...but this ain't cards & dice.

Ultimately I want the BEST in all aspects of our little toy gaming lifestyle.

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