Thursday, March 3, 2011

GLERTCH BODY BLANK & WEAPONS Completed Sculptures Preview

"They will come for us in the night...there will be many!"

Glertches are a Dark Science Race which thrive in The Under (more on this later) and in remote areas, typically squatting on the very boarders of Human Settlements.
Glertches are an Evil race that hunt all Mammals, especially Humans, for their Slave Trade and for Food. The average Glertch is about 3'6" and weighs around 160lbs. Glertch are very Feral, and yet most are at least as intelligent as a capable Human. Glertch are strong despite their diminutive stature. Glertchech Warriors are very keen on Tech, and employ a variety of Custom Guns and other Tech Weapons during their frequent Raids into neighboring Humanoid Settlements.

A word on Design. I am keeping this Body Blank very clean, so that I will be able to add all manner of fun little details to each Master Casting, later. The right arm for this little meanie has been done separately so that I can add a number of fun Glertchech Weapons when I get going on the Conversion Phase of Production.

Glertch Raiders storm towards their destiny to the mighty noise of Dethklok's Go Forth And Die!!!



  1. Oh, man. This guy looks bad-ass! Great job, especially on the face.

  2. I like them and the back story, good work.

  3. Thank you my Brother.

    Now you know I am sending you a pack of these when they are done for real.
    You are my Bad Mother Fucker...leaving comments and Cool Reactions all of the time.

    I have a lot to do to the models for this faction once I get the Master Castings in hand...but that is the FUN part!

    Later The Mounted Glertchech will be done.
    Ride fast and furious...die by the!

  4. Nice to see some more complete models and stuff lately, the face is great on this guy, you get better every week!

    ("Go into the water" is one of my favorite songs of all time.)

  5. this bad guy is a nice bad guy!

  6. The 15MM World needed Teched-up Gobs.

    Yeah Spacey, Dethklok have kept me company many an hour while I sculpt. I have all of their DVD's and CD's.


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