Monday, January 31, 2011


I do not watch Television at all...period. I am not a news guy, so I look things up on the Internet and do my own research...anyhow. I had not heard this until tonight when I decided to hunt up a few of my bands to see if any of them had a new video or perhaps an album coming soon. I was looking up Type O Negative among others, and while I own all of their work...everything...I knew it was getting about time for Peter and the gang from Brooklyn to put out a new album because they do one every two or three years. I stumbled on a little YouTube video stating that Peter Steele,  the main man behind Type-O,  had died at age 48.

I am not going to say much else about this, but if you are even remotely interested in Dark, Strong, Passionate, and Intelligent music...I invite you to check out some of the work from one of my favorite bands of all time... TYPE O NEGATIVE.

As my friends here know I am all about sculpting cool shit that no one else is doing...not in this scale. I have been planning to do some very serious Vampires and Werewolves, which relates to my love for Type O Negative's work. Peter wrote many heartfelt and eerie songs about Vampires and Werewolves, among other mysterious and provocative topics. 
I had a few people in mind for the models for these sculptures, Pete was at the top of the list. Now that I have learned of this gentile giants death, I am going to do a Peter Steele Tribute figure.

This all might sound crazy to people who do not know who Peter Steele was. What is the big deal Joe...right? 
The best thing I can tell you is simply this: to many of us Autumn-Winter people,  who enjoy the Darker Side of life, Big Green Pete was as important to us as John Lennon and Elvis Presley are to the main stream pop culture.

More Info about Peter and TON.

I am not in a very good fucking mode right now...



  1. I learned how to sculpt while listening to him, and other great Musicians. I loved the mans work. He has been with me for years and always will be.
    The cool thing is that half the band are still working and they sound great too.

  2. My eskrima-teacher loved Type 0 and played them during sessions, my hands still hurt when I hear Black No 1.
    RIP, Peter.


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