Monday, January 31, 2011


In the waste and below the ancient cities, there are few beings which inspire mortals to pray for death unseen...then that thing which can devour living flesh and revel in the vile feast...The Dreaded Whurg.

A Word On Desing. The Whurg are going to have seperat arms and weapons so that collectors can pose them to make up small units. I am going to do three bodies for this creature type. This is the first piece which of course Masters will be cast from to do the other two versions.

I will post more previews of other Monsters and updates on The Whurg soon.



  1. Nice. That's one mean looking critter.

  2. Thanks Joe!
    These are basicly fully armed and armored Huge Wolf-Man-Things, with Psychic Powers just for fun...Yow!

  3. This is my favorite sculpt of yours for a while, great shapes. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. Thanks man.
    I am trying to make fun stuff...

  5. It looks like a very nice pose!

  6. Not to suck my own yeah, The Whurg are pretty damn cool.

    In the rules I am writing for Tomorrow Black Whurg can affect your mind, like SCANNERS in the film Scanners, and they all have the powers of a SERIOUS Werewolf, except that they are always in Wolf-Man form. Now take into account that they are also armed and armored comparably to ...say a Super Mutant from Fallout, and you get a "No Joke-Bad Mother Fucker!"


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