Saturday, February 26, 2011

CHARACTERS: SHELLY- GEAR TECH Completed Sculpture Preview

Gear Techs are people who have a seemingly instinctive base knowledge of Mid-Tech Machines. If they apply themselves to it, with almost no training, they are able to build, maintain, and repair commonly used security and farming equipment, as well as vehicles. These individuals are extremely valued in communities who do not care to trade with The TECH Nation.

Shelly is a Native of Port York. When her father deemed her of age she traveled with him and her older brothers on his Tech Tramper visiting the Coasters Settlements to trade his advanced skills as a renowned Gear Tech. As she grew up she learned the skill. In times of rest at home her three brothers inspired her to play Qwik with their childhood friends on the island. In time her skill was above average and she took to traveling abroad, selling her services as she explored the Wet Waste.

Eventually she came to base herself in The Territory of Ashington. She now works with Byron and other Qwik Reffs organizing  tournaments in which she offers her custom Qwik Gear and occasionally she will even fill in for wounded Qwiks and Drives, for a Bonus Fee. 

Shelly still travels to Port York to visit her family, and she occasionally ventures into The Borderlands, acting as a requested Advisor to Communities setting up or reaping Mid-Tech Systems. 

A Word On Design. This was a fun project. I sort of let the models design themselves...I just worked the putty.
I was going for a Nomadic look with Shelly's clothing, and a Medium TECH level for her gear. The gear was a little challenge because I had to think; "Okay this world has very advanced technology, so what does medium technology look like then?"

I am not disappointed with this project, but I might add a cute little Tow-Bot to Shellie's gear, to pull the cart. Originally I figured she just pulls her cart around to keep herself in ...I do like the idea of a little "Beep-Boop-Bleep" type of little sidekick fellow...dunno yet.


Pousse Plomb

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Great are the few who travel The Waste alone...and return, more than once. Such is a man known in most of the Guarded Settlements as: Byron The Tremendous! The weak and the helpless love him. The strong and the insolent respect him. The wicked and the merciless fear him!

In his youth Byron roamed The Eastern Waste for a decade or more, so it is believed. Some say he has even faced The Baron Murghast, and in that great fight cut clean the beast's right arm at the elbow! This was years ago now, but in the time since no Guarded Settlement in our Domain has again been haunted by The Barons Mighty Hordes.

Byron has settled in his middle age to live again in his Home Territory of Ashington. He used to be a renowned Slash in The Game of Qwik, and now holds tournaments which he and his son referee.
Byron still travels out to The Borderlands from time to time, acting as a protector to worthy travelers, and to personally aide Settlements when Raiders become to great a threat to the peace of our Domain.

A Word On Design. It probably has not been overlooked, but I'll mention it just the same, Byron is a multi part model.

This was a very fun project.



Monday, February 21, 2011


The parents of our future bring their children in before the sun falls, for they know well the wondering of vile things, which come with the darkness to haunt the remote settlements.

I will post a Racial Overview for The Kainards when I preview the completed model.

A Word On Design.  I am sculpting a set of heads and several weapons for this model.

I think of all the D&D and AD&D Monsters, Kobolds are my favorite. I am going to make this Dark Science Race as cool as I possibly can. It is going to be great fun to field thirty of these evil little rascals in Yeah!
Thirty at least...


Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been working on a few Terrain bits. The most difficult so far has been a plain good ole Human Skeleton. You would think this should be an easy ain't. Not if you want the tiny and fragile thing to look like it will actually fit inside the body of a 15MM human. I have tried twice before in the last six weeks to get this damn thing done. The first time I used twisted wire and it bent and was ruined, half way in. The second time I used thicker wire and it ended up looking like a toy, the figure was to bulky. Now here I am with my super fine and very strong Brass Rod and Brass Sheeting soldered together Armature,  for round three with this little guy...who has been kicking my ass.

I want this figure as perfect as I can get it because he is going to be all over my terrain, as a ruined and creepy bit of horrific clutter, and he is going to be the base for several of my Zombies also.

I will get it right this time I think (Hope)...


Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Terror of The Sea is made far greater than the mere pollution and deadly current, fore there are things below the waves not dreamt of in nightmares. The Garrexx are perhaps the worst of these things, which are best left alone by Man.

I will post a Racial Overview for The Garrexx when I preview the completed model.

The first time I imagined this thing was when I read H.P. Lovecraft's DAGON. Now years later I am sculpting works like that sometimes.

A Word On Design. I am sculpting seperate arms and weapons for this model. As many of you know from visiting my Blog, I am going to convert the Master Casting of several of my sculptures to make multiple poses for the models that will be produced in Grouped Packs, so it will be for The Mighty Garrexx Race.

I am sculpting this model for The Dark Science Races of Tomorrow Black, but it is also going to serve as a member of my Mutant Juggers Team for The Qwik Skirmish game.

I will post more updates on this project soon.


RATTLE WING Completed Sculpture Preview

The Dead Cities are home to many dangers. NAR and The Nation rarely go there, and this fact gives one a beguiling sense of confidence, at least in that they feel certain the Jetters and other Flying Machines will not waylay them on their travels. This is foolish thinking for there are often creatures above you...waiting in the corpses of decayed buildings, roosting in the twisted girders, watching you.

Rattle Wings are a Dark Science Race which all but rule in The Upper (more on this later) and in remote subterranean places.

Rattle Wings, also known by the slang Bat-Snakes, are an Evil race that hunt all Mammals, especially Feline and Rodent Manamals and Humans, for their Food.
The average Rattle Wing is about 9'6" in length, with a wing span of 9' and weighs around 90lbs. Rattle Wings have a base intelligence equal to that of a Human child, and maintain a Lethal Hierarchical Society, wherein the most  cunning and physically capable dominate the lower classes.
Rattle Wings are terribly agile and powerful. When these beast attack it is likely to come from above at first as they glide down to rip with their horny wings and bite with their terrible maws. If the victim is not dead after this, the wicked creatures will lash their powerful tails around the prey and attach their fore claws and wretched teeth into the flesh, and wait for the meat to bleed out.
Dark Manics employ Rattle Wings as a part of their bestial servants, equipping the foul things with  Fused TECH. More on this later.

A Word On Design. I have designed the base connection for this model to accommodate two means of posing your Rattle Wings. You can bend the tail to the rear and mount the figure in an Advancing Pose by gluing the Belly Pin into the mounting hole on the Base. The second pose is an Attacking/Hovering stance where you would have the tail forward with Spine Pin glued in place. When you have the pose set just clip the unused second pin off your model. To achieve further verity you can gently bend the wings into whatever position suites you.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome To NEW Brothers & We Passed 10,000 Visits!

You are most Welcomed here my Brothers. I am surprised that five of you have chosen to walk with me on this journey all in the last week. It makes me feel good knowing that I am not the only man who loves tiny toys.

I hope that you enjoy your time here and feel free to post your opinions, the good and bad. I receive both with equal value as it relates to my work.

I keep the comments feature set to open, but moderated.

You people are a third of the reason I do what I do here. To the 10,900 of you who have visited me in the last 3 months, I thank you for your time.

Your Brother in Art, and Free Thinking...


ED gives us QWIK!

For my Brothers here, who may not keep an eye on my other joint project: THE WEEKLY ONE FIVE.
Ed of 2 Hour Wargames is working with Rod and I to produce an APOCALYPTIC GLADIATORIAL GAME  Ed has Dubbed QWIK!

Here is a peek at the cover art for this forthcoming 15MM Miniatures Tabletop Apocalyptic Gladiatorial Skirmish Game.

This is the first Human Qwik Team, sculpted by my boy HOT ROD as I call him, becuase he gets his sculptures done before I am finished with

Rod and I are proofreading The Qwik rules now.

More to come Brothers...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This figure is starting to look like something now. I am going to put a lot of fine Tech Detail on yet. He should be cool as long as I keep things crisp, which is the challenge for this piece.

Considering the work I have been posting, this Sculpture in particular is a good example of my efforts to do Characters similar to Classic RPG.



I took an inventory of my HO & 1/87 scale vehicles last week and decided to get a few more. I plan to have some of my roads full of long abandoned vehicles, and to make it look good IMO you need a lot of these neat little toys. This order just came today.

I nearly fell out of my chair as I browsed an on line seller of Hobby Trains, that actually had Modern Waste Dumpsters in Glorious HO Scale! I love these things! I had looked around for them and never found the right style, in this scale. Now I have Damn!

I also found a very nice Modern Billboard and some fun furniture and other bits while looking for new vehicles. I am going to do a scene with several Police and Rescue Vehicles for my Dead City boards, so I snapped up a few Cop Cars and Vans at a great sale price of $2.50 each...nice!

The Dead Road Tabletop just might be a neat place to game when I am done...


Thursday, February 3, 2011


The sewers and subway, and the ancient corridors of once secret bases are the byways of The Under. Many beings make their homes in these dark places. Some venture to the surface while others dwell almost exclusively in the vastness below. 
"Death unlooked for, such is The Scizz. Theses things are rare, and we must thank The Unseen One, for this blessing."

Inspired in part by the work of  Chris Achilleos.

A Word On Design. This is going to be a multi part figure with head and arms sprued separately.
This is a crazy critter to be sure...and it is best encountered as a Single Monster. Like a Fantasy don't want to fight more than one of the damned


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bionoids are engineered humanoids birthed in The Vaults of TECH NATION. Bionoids serve many practical functions, being trained to suite the purposes of their Masters. This particular Character is a Techer. Techers are basically the mechanics, if you will, of the The Nation Domain. They are sent all over the territory to preform maintenance and programming of Integral Systems and Security Units.

A Word On Design. I am going to do a version of this Character fully equipped with her Jetter, Rigger, Gear, and the rest of her uniform.
Ha, so EVIL.

This was a very challenging project. If you notice she has very large eyes, and no nails on her digits, this was the best way I could think of to make her look like an Engineered Humanoid, rather than an Actual Human.

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