Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Terror of The Sea is made far greater than the mere pollution and deadly current, fore there are things below the waves not dreamt of in nightmares. The Garrexx are perhaps the worst of these things, which are best left alone by Man.

I will post a Racial Overview for The Garrexx when I preview the completed model.

The first time I imagined this thing was when I read H.P. Lovecraft's DAGON. Now years later I am sculpting works like that sometimes.

A Word On Design. I am sculpting seperate arms and weapons for this model. As many of you know from visiting my Blog, I am going to convert the Master Casting of several of my sculptures to make multiple poses for the models that will be produced in Grouped Packs, so it will be for The Mighty Garrexx Race.

I am sculpting this model for The Dark Science Races of Tomorrow Black, but it is also going to serve as a member of my Mutant Juggers Team for The Qwik Skirmish game.

I will post more updates on this project soon.



  1. Wow, thats nice. I love the way the face came out.

  2. Still a lot to do but this guy is coming along quickly because he is going in the first Mutant Team for Qwik, so I want him done ASAP.

    Thanks Jo Jo!

  3. Thanks Bro!

    I have a Lot to do yet, but this guy is going to get done fast fast fast.


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