Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I took an inventory of my HO & 1/87 scale vehicles last week and decided to get a few more. I plan to have some of my roads full of long abandoned vehicles, and to make it look good IMO you need a lot of these neat little toys. This order just came today.

I nearly fell out of my chair as I browsed an on line seller of Hobby Trains, that actually had Modern Waste Dumpsters in Glorious HO Scale! I love these things! I had looked around for them and never found the right style, in this scale. Now I have Damn!

I also found a very nice Modern Billboard and some fun furniture and other bits while looking for new vehicles. I am going to do a scene with several Police and Rescue Vehicles for my Dead City boards, so I snapped up a few Cop Cars and Vans at a great sale price of $2.50 each...nice!

The Dead Road Tabletop just might be a neat place to game when I am done...



  1. Those dumpsters are sweet. I like the way you can get a mini in there.

  2. I hunted them for a while, and always found them in the wrong scale, or in a European style. These look like the ones I see in my town, and in most of America.
    Fun times popping out of, or hiding in, these Sexy Dumpsters!


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