Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hail Brothers Of The One Five!

I had a little unpacking adventure and after I dug out a few of my BIG Boxes of Raw Terrain Materials...well...I discovered I needed more goodies...Oops.

I suppose I could just use what I had, which is considerable, but I want The Dead Road to look absolutely realistic, which meant that I had to drop another $60 on this project. Below you can see what I ordered last week.

I have thought about it, and decided to be happy with my beloved Overpass...well...I am going to have to augment the RIX Kit. This was the main reason (along with the Sidewalks) that I purchased the new Plasticard Sheets, and put off working on it for a bit until the new supplies came in. I also discovered during my Closet Dig, that I needed new Plasticard Strips and Corners to finish off the Hotel's False Floors (I use these for the actuale construction process, the details of which I'll share with you later).

Well other than the Skeletons I am sculpting...I have all of the materials I need and can really build these structures now, the way I want them.
The skeletons are important becuase I am going to have areas of high detail all over my terrain, similar to what I am doing for my Miniature Bases.

I will post more on this project, and preview the Skeletons set soon.



  1. Cool, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Me too Joe!
    Like I said I had to wait to get new materials, and of course in that time I dreamt up more details, which means more



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