Monday, December 6, 2010

S.E.C. MECH WIP Preview 1

A common danger any Well Traveled Walker expects to encounter when nearing the borders of The Techer or NAC Territories are S.E.C. Mechs. The trick to getting by them is to see them before they see you...

Tech Weaponry comes in many classifications from huge S.E.C. batteries mounted upon the ramparts of fortified instillation's, to tiny devices hidden in a piece of jewelry.
Perhaps the most common of these (with the exception of utilitarian weaponry of course) are S.E.C. Mechs.
Security Enforcement Constructs (S.E.C.s) are designed and manufactured almost exclusively in The Techer Cities. These deadly Mechs are available to anyone with the wits to deal with Techers (and survive) and the cash to pay for them.

A word on Design. I am working on a few weapon options for this S.E.C. Mech Type.
The first is a combo of one Medium Laser and a Mini-Missile Pod. I have designed this sculpture so that it can  be used on the tabletop in Scanning (Turret Down) and Active (Turret Up) mode.

I am going to make a few Mech Tech Weapons for the Techer and NAC Factions. This is just the first type.


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