Thursday, December 16, 2010


"We are the force of our mighty chieftain's will, we kill the wet skins who would drive us from the good root of the filthy sun dirt, we are The War Makers!"

When The War Makers rise from The Under many go forth upon mighty War Ratts. These loyal steeds are alone a great threat, and give their beloved masters even greater speed and ferocity in open battle.

The War Makers, with their great War Ratts are the core of any Chieftains War Party. Mounted War Makers can attack at great speed, and return to a place of relative safety from the Wet Skins guns, almost before their enemies have made good any counter attack.

A Word On Design. I am sculpting The War Makers on Foot and Mounted, so you will have both Ground Troops and Cavalry options for your Huratt War Parties.

I will post more Huratt  Previews as well as updates on Rattak and The Hunters soon.


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