Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Huratt dominate The Under, yet to truly Rule The Dark they know that they must also Walk In Light. There are several Huratt who are brave enough to do this, chief among them are: Path Finders and The Hunters with their Seekers.

Unlike most Huratt, Hunters are not a Dark Science Race, but rather a mutation which evolved after the first generation of Rat-Men (more on this later).

Like all Huratt, Hunters and their loyal Seekers are extremely evil, taking great pleasure in the torments they inflict on their hapless captives. Hunters are a Ranking Class, and can guide and instruct all other Hurrat, with nearly the same authority as Chieftains.They are the Huratt which hunt all Non-Rodent Mammals, especially Feline Manamals and Humans.
The average Huratt Hunter stands about 6'9" and weighs around 360lbs. Huratt Hunters maintain several of the laws which govern the Lethal Hierarchical Society of The Huratt. As Long Walkers they (like Path Finders) counsel their mighty Chieftains.
Hurrat Hunters are agile for their massive size and extremely powerful. Hunters are very keen on Old & New Tech, and employ a variety of finely crafted Staffs, Claws and Crossbows, along with many Devices of Dominance of their own design. 

A word on Design. I am sculpting Hunter Weapons and Devices of Dominance on separate sprues so that collectors can add fun little details to each of their Huratt Hunter Models...and more captives too (Why am I so Evil?).

I will post more Progress on Rattak and Previews of other Huratt soon.

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