Monday, December 13, 2010


The Eastern Waste is home to many enemies of The NAC and TECH. Among these bands of Rebels none are so great as The Baron's Mighty Hordes. After The Last Days, The Death Ash intensified the effects of The M.U.R.G. Virus. Now many generations later, what has evolved in The Blackened Places is nothing less than horrendous.

"Dark Science brought to Mankind many Blessings and Curses... it is we who know them all."

The Murg Virus effects all Mammals. Non-Humanoids simply become mutated wild things driven mad by their terrible hunger. Infected Humans are an actuale new and terrible race.
Murghast are Evil that hunt all Weak Humans, for their Food. Strong Humans are welcomed into The Brotherhood.
Murghast Warriors stand from 4'6" to 8'6" and weigh from 190 to 660 lbs. The Murg maintain a Lethal Hierarchical Society, where in the most  intelligent and physically capable dominate the lower classes. The most organized and feared Murg Plague reigns in The East Waste and is Fathered by The Baron Morghast.
Murghast Warriors are agile, terrifyingly resilient, and extremely powerful. Warriors are very keen on Rigged Tech, and employ a variety of uniquely crafted Ballistic and Martial weapons of their own design. 

A word on Design. I am sculpting unique weapons for this Faction.
I will post more Previews of The Murg soon.


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