Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Manic Widows know far more than our Elder Fathers have forgotten, we owe thanks to The Ghost Father that they are insane... for if not,  they would rule all of Mankind."

Manic Widows are The First Born Daughters of Human Females who have been exposed to The HTX-06 Compound, in it's pure and terrible form, and where somehow able to resist the physical mutation which flourishes in Human Males. The Child of such a Rare Mother is gifted of virtually unlimited mental prowess. In time these girls become young women capable of great Benevolence or Dominance. Thus are these women a blessing or a curse to all mankind, for in time they have the power to inspire and protect or discourage and kill entire armies of Lesser Minds.

A Word On Design. There are several types of Manic Widows. I will post more info for each of them, as I work on the sculptures for each class. This sculpture represents the Siren Class, whom can call forth animals and other beast to do their bidding.



  1. I'm really impressed with your sculpting and look forward to the range's release. Keep up the great work!


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