Friday, December 31, 2010


AD&D: 15

Now that the poll is concluded,  I would like to ask you to help me fill out some of the concepts from each game. Please bare in mind that I will NOT Copy anything from any of these games, but I will do some models that are similar, and convey the general intent of the popular concepts we all love from these RPG Worlds.

For example, many of us (At least 31 would like to see 15MM Gamma World Styled Miniatures.
Okay, what type of Miniatures?
The Animal-Humanoid Mutants?
Killer Cyborgs?
Wild Sci-Fi Versions of D&D Character types?
And so on...

What I would like to read from you who participated is: what was your reason for choosing what you voted for?

To help you understand why I included the RPG's I did in the poll, I will tell you what my Answers are to the above question.

AD&D: Classic Characters that transcend genre such as Fighters, Mages, and Rouges. Classic Monsters such as Kobolds, Goblins, Trolls, and Bizarre Mutant Things such as Dangerous Protoplasmic Blobs and Plants.

Cyberpunk: The Matrix Punk-Styled Gangers, Light Cyborgs and High Tech Character Classes.

Gamma World: Mutants of all types, particularly Animal-Humanoids.

Rifts: Super High Tech Nations struggling to rule the new world. Specifically The Coalition, and New German Republic.
Super Powerful Mutants and The Bizarre Aliens. 

Shadow Run: The Sci-Fantasy-Horror combined element, which made classic AD&D and Cyberpunk Characters even more interesting. 

Now that you know more or less what I am thinking about sculpting perhaps you can better answer when I ask you what would you like to see done.

Please feel free to respond here with your Blog I.D. I have the comments feature OPEN (But Moderated).



  1. I voted Cyberpunk (but actually think Cyberpunk and Shadowrun should be the same range).
    Very much low tech grunge near future rather than shiney high tech. Bladerunner rather than Star Wars.
    I would hope for Cyberpunk skirmish games in 15mm, small gangs fighting against major Government/Corporate agencies in a corrupt Computer controlled world.

    Should have clearly identifiable factions:

    Private/Corporate Security guards
    Urban Warrior types (Johnny Mnemonic rebels)
    Themed special gangs (Bikers, S&M, Texicans, Orientals, Neo age Druids etc)
    Local law enforcement
    Unique Characters (hackers, bodyguards, mercenaries, Bosses)

    Done in big 15mm (ie 18/20mm), partly so that the individual characters are identifiable but mainly so that buildings/vehicles/accessories etc are easy to pillage from Railway and modelling suppliers.

  2. Hello Rob

    I am pretty much doing most of what you have outlined. I am more or less working to make a Necromunda type of game in 15MM.

    One of the main reasons that I am working in this scale is because of the incredible variety of terrain and vehicles available in HO Scale.


  3. I vote anything that is like the video game Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas... that might be gamma world, I'm not sure.

  4. Hello Bryan

    I will have to look at these games. I am pretty sure that much of what I am working on will be similar to Fallout, but I will look again.



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