Sunday, March 6, 2011

CHARACTERS: GERROD THE PSYCHE Completed Sculpture Preview

From The Iron Mind to The Inner Body Electric, Gerrod has learned the true way of The Fire Of Unknown Origin. Among Psyche he is revered for his Heavy Clarity. For the power that comes to one who is devoted to these principles is mighty indeed, thus he and his disciples are greatly feared by The Manic Widows and The Unenlightened.

Gerrod travels the entire of New America bringing protection, knowledge and guidance to the wayward tribes, so that New Free Zones might flourish, and in time bring order to the land.

The creation of this Character was inspired by The Music of BLUE OYSTER CULT.

A Word On Design. This figure is also intended for use as a Promoter in The QWIK Game.



  1. Wow, another great mini! The detail on this guy is fantastic.

  2. The face looks just right, but I do need to clean up the hair. It took three attempts to get that expression.
    I had fun sculpting this one, particularly his Metal Hand and Eye, and the fur lining of his cloak.

  3. I like the promoter vibe, he will look good for that awell.

  4. I was thinking Nobleman or Baron who follows and invest in the better teams.
    Great minds think alike I reckon.

  5. Good idea to give us your sources of inspiration.

  6. I figure give credit to the good people who inspire me.


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