Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have the first tiny head and their Heavy Plas Beamer with Power Pack started now.

A Word On Design. I am going to make another head and a few more weapons before I am done.



  1. Very nice. I like the Plas Beamer and Power Pack. Are you intending for the power pack to be connected to the beamer? I'm thinking I would run some fine gauge wire from the butt of the beamer to each of those 3 holes on the power pack.

  2. Right Jo Jo!
    I was thinking the big hole at the bottom...but do what you like Bro.
    I am going to clip a little coil of wire to include with each pack so guys like us can glue wire how they want it.
    There will be a left arm that is reaching over the chest very much like the old school space marines held their Missile launchers.

    I am going to convert that from the base left arm already made to the base body. Also when this is in metal I can cut the shoulder away and bend the right arm to extend it, so you can have a Kainard holding the Beamer in a more relaxed, traveling mode.
    Of course there will also be a Beamer with a leather wrap on it to stick on the backs of the Runner Poses, when they are on all fours and hauling ass.

    Runners will have the odd blade or pistol out, but they are going to be more for the fun of leaping and running, rather than all out hard fighting. These poses will look fucking great when the Pack is in mass...and flying towards the enemy!

  3. wow pretty cool i wish i had that kind of skill, can't even make a snowman

  4. Man, that sounds cool. I like the way you think. :)

  5. Thank you Brothers!
    Joe I am serious about these toys, they are my children.

  6. good review man, like it!
    following you!

  7. Happy to have you with me John!


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