Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Eleventh Hour!

This is the month of conclusions for several of my projects! I intend to open BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM on the 13th of October. I have a few things to do yet, but it WILL all get done.
I would like to thank the good people that have been active here at WAR ART.  The comments and encouragement you have been posting are of great value to me! You will all be remembered when I process your orders.

Your Brother In 15MM



  1. Hmmmm - I have $20.00 bucks that says Oct 13 comes and goes without the grand opening!

  2. Let's make it a $200.00 bet, that way you can use your money for something worthwhile for a change, and pay for the next four Production Molds, which are $50.00 each.

  3. You don't need to remember us in any way when we place our orders brother, just be there to receive, handle and post them!

    Reading your posts about the amount of work and preparations needed to open a "little" (sorry brother but you know what I mean don't you) store makes me wonder how some can survive with only charging us cheapass gamers 'fair' prices.

    I'm planning to get started in 15mm pulp and superheroes and I've already spotted some useful models!

    I'll be supporting within the confines of my budget.

  4. Oh I will be there Brother!
    You few quality people are a large part of the reason why I am doing all of this crazy shit that I do.
    For REAL.


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