Saturday, April 9, 2011



I posted a similar poll back in the Black Autumn Days and it went nowhere. I have changed everything in my little world since then...this time the deal IS real.

The purpose of this Poll is to determine what Manamal Types will be made first and also which will get the Gang or Race treatment. I am going to sculpt one of everything in this poll, as a cool Monster/Character. Any of these Mutant Animal Humanoids will make a damn fun NPC or Special PC in RPG and a MERC or Monster Encounter in Skirmish Games.

If the poll and subsequent sales elevate certain Manamals, then I will do a Gang or Complete Race of the popular species. To give you some idea of how these sculptures may look, I am sharing some of the art that I have in my Reference Folders. I am not making my models just like this, but you can get the Flavor from these images.

A Word On Design. I have other Manamal Species in mind, this is the first batch, to get the product range started in earnest.

Other Manamal Species currently on my work desk.



  1. Hi Brother, theres some really go inspirational pictures there, I actually like a lot of them, badger, cats, ape, Elephant and toad from the first pic, love the crazy rabbit with the axe, you would have to make them rabbid looking though, not cute, and the vulture from the last, the crab is already done by Khurasan, the 2 best I think are the axe wielding rabbit and the Elephant, I'm imagining a brood of scary, rabbid, beserker rabbits, ranging in sizes from man size to orgre, wielding malee weapons and shot guns and bolters, hunting those pesky humans.

  2. Right Mate.

    The Crab will be tricked out like the Shrimp, with Gear & Guns.

    The Elephant-Rhino and Vulture Species are already 1/3 of the way done, as I can convert them from other models that I am about to have Master Cast.

    Take a look at the Kainard for example. The tri-legs can be straightened and the lean long arms fit too, for the Vulture.

    I am going to get these done faster than people expect me

  3. Enchanting pictures and wip sculpts!

  4. Thank you Bro!
    I try, real hard.

  5. Elephant/Rhino is a great idea, especially after reading the graphic novel _Elephantmen._

  6. I am pretty hot to do The Elephant-Rhino Figure.

  7. rabbit, curious to see what you come up with

  8. damn, the crazy rabbit isn't getting votes, hope at least the Elephant gets up.


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