Saturday, April 16, 2011

MURG SLUG Completed Sculpture Preview

The Murghaste Warriors use Infected Beast during their raids, to sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies, among these wretched things, many defenders have been lost to Murg Slugs.

MURG Slugs, like their cousins MURG Imps and Flies, dwell wherever The Murghaste thrive.
Slugs are in part a random mutation, like most Murg Beast, however The Murghaste Warriors chose aggressive specimens as Pets and Guardians. These chosen are trained and fed meats enhanced by drops of their Masters own blood. This causes Murg Slugs to become more aggressive, and imparts a greater strength and even a base intelligence to the wretched things.
Unlike Murg Flies and Imps, Slugs are able to grow back limbs and are more resilient against damage, which affords the beast a higher station among the small infected things that gather to Murg Camps. The best of the Slugs, like Murg Hounds, are equipped with TECH Weapons and Surveillance gear. These Greater Beast are used in combat, and are given reign over the many Lesser Beast.

A Word On Design. This little fellow was fun to achieve. He has been made for my 15MM Tomorrow Black Series, however this sculpture may well become The First of a little 6MM Sci-Fi Product Range. I am still thinking about this...



  1. Sorry it took me a while to get the pictures done on this one Brothers. It is a tiny sculpture, and I had to make an extra effort to get some pictures worth posting.

  2. Tiny little fella isn't he, good size for 6mm, but equally good for 15mm, why not use for both? a good sculpt, have you thought of putting tenticle arms on him?

  3. Pics look great. Nice job on this guy.

  4. Thanks Brothers.
    I think he can be used for both too Danny.

    In 15MM he is a Dog Sized
    In 6MM he is an Ogre sized MONSTER.

    The tiny human skull works too. In 15MM it is an Infant, in 6MM it is an Adult.

  5. He has tentacles coming off his lower body. I may do some with arms like that too.

  6. I'm brand-new to your blog (thank Porky at Porky's Expanse), but man...I'm digging your minis.

    I'm a HUGE post-apocalyptic guy, and your figs are great!

  7. Oh, yeah--I also voted in your poll. A shrimp/crab thing would be perfect for a game I'm about to start up, as one of the PCs is a humanoid crawdad.

  8. Welcome Mr. Davis!

    You came in at a good time too because I about to send a lot of my work off to be Master about 2 weeks.

    I am going to have a lot of metal out there for you guys this year.


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