Saturday, March 26, 2011

S.E.C. MECH CLASS-A & MFD Completed Sculptures Preview

Tech Weaponry comes in many classifications from huge S.E.C. batteries mounted upon the ramparts of fortified instillation's, to tiny devices hidden in a piece of jewelry.
Perhaps the most common of these (with the exception of utilitarian weaponry of course) are S.E.C. Mechs.

Security Enforcement Constructs (S.E.C.s) are designed and manufactured almost exclusively in The TECH Vaults of Techer Cities. These deadly Mechs are available to anyone with the wits to deal with Techers (and survive) and the cash to pay for them. NAC has long standing trade agreements with TECH Nation, and use most of the various S.E.C. Mechs manufactured by them .

The S.E.C. Mech any traveler can expect to encounter first when entering The Outskirts of TECH or NAC Territories is a Class A Death Tower or it's counterpart, an Electro Braced  Multi Function Drone (MFD).

Death Towers are typically encountered in their Monitoring Mode. The Main Body, or Tower,  is retracted in a Fixed Sub-level Mount (FSM) where it can be repaired by an MFD, constantly charged, and the Mimi Missile Launchers are reloaded by an Auto Loader or MFD. When the sensors identify a trespasser, the Tower rises quietly and waits for the subject to enter it's Field Of Action (FOA). Depending on the Command Protocol set by the S.E.C. Mech's owner,  the Tower will warn off intruders or attack them until they are either incapacitated or dead or have left the Machines FOA.
The Tower has  the ability to use a Low Power version of it's Laser which acts as a highly effective Stun Beam. When the assigned protocol has been met for a particular situation, the Tower quietly descends back into it's FSM, and goes back in Monitor Mode. If the Machine was acting under The Acquire Protocol and it used it's Laser in Stun Mode, it will notify the proper entities of the incapacitated subject, and deploy one or both of it's MFDs to recover the target for collection.

Multi Function Drones are stored in the FSM with the Death Tower. Typically a Tower has two MFDs at it's disposal. An MFD has the ability to fight if need be. It is well armoured like the Tower, and carries a Light Pulse Laser and Medium Utility Arm. The arm is equipped with a Tazer and Cutter as well as a Grip Claw with Inset Multi Tool Unit. The MFDs are sent out to preform long range observation if the Tower deems it necessary to track numerous or particularly dangerous intruders into it's FOA.

A Word On Design.  I have designed this sculpture so that it can  be used on the tabletop in Monitoring (Tower Down) and Active (Tower Up) mode. The set will include: 1 Fixed Sub-level Mount (FSM) Base with the Port and Scanner Module, 1 Tower, 2 MFDs, 2 Flight Bases, 1 Bits Sprue which includes the Heads, Pule Lasers, and Utility Arms for the Drones.

Note: The MFD Unit is often used by Techers. This means that you are getting a peek at the cute little Hover Bot that will come with my Bionoid Techer Babe, when I do her in her active (Not a captive...LOL)  Mode. As a complete Figure Set. I still need to finish sculpting her Jetter (Jet Bike) and convert her so she is ...Uhh...fully dressed.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jaka is a well known Rouge Scout who will guide any who are able to pay him well. In his youth he was a Gladiator, but in time won his freedom, at the cost of hundreds of other Gladiators lives. He is a truly wicked Hyena Manimal, that enjoys torturing his opponents in Martial Combat. Jaka often associates with Kainards, and occasionalley Whurgs, on nightly ventures for mutual gain.

A Word On Design. Jaka is The First Model for what may become a Hyena Manimal Raiders Set.
Note: From RtoL are Rodrick's Werewolf sculpture sold by Mike at Rebel Minis, and Jaka, and finally my little Kainard Body Blank WIP.

Jaka is another member of my Mutant Juggers Team for QWIK .


Monday, March 21, 2011


Out in The Waste there are many of The Forgotten Peoples. Centuries ago The Parents of these Farmers and Wanderers awoke in grand TECH Tombs to find the Scares of The Last War healing, and in time they ventured out into The New World. The first to wake took with them the Machines which had guarded their long sleep, and they founded new cities and states. In time they eventually forgot their own history. These are the people who we now know as Cityfolk. The most powerful of these are NAC and TFW.

Other ancient TECH Tombs, which by design opened much later, had lost their Machine Guardians to the violence of time and nature or by the plundering of TECH Scavengers, who knew nothing of the sleeping people protected in The Deep Vaults. When these last Tombs opened The Forgotten People awoke to empty open lands.

Some of these people while unprotected by the lost Machines, found their own means sufficient to sustain themselves. They simply knew how to do things that enabled them to start a new life, and they did not question why. These people lead their Brethren to a new and peaceful life, unknown to, and long forgotten by Cityfolk. Some stayed in or around The Deep Vaults, farming and hunting  close to the safety they had known so long in the great caves made by their long dead forbearers. Other chose to move into the depths of The Wildlands.

Some of these little communities have been discovered and the Traders, Scouts, and other Benign Travelers who found them, promptly dubbed these people Countryfolk. Today many of these isolated little Townships are still known only by the Travelers who guard the secret of their locations.

Not all of the Ancient TECH Tombs opened to pleasant forgotten wild-lands. Some had sustained damage to critical to maintain the vast machines which kept the human sleepers safe from the HTX-06 Compounds and other Viruses, while the war ravaged planet slowly healed itself.
These Long Sleepers gradually mutated in their vaults to varying degrees, and awoke as something other than human. The first MURG Spawned in some of these ill-fated places, while others became what we now call The Nomads.

Of The Nomads there are some who retained their Humanity, their bodies changed, but they did not become monsters. These wanderers are mighty indeed, and the people who have met them tell stories of the heroic deeds of these great people.

A Word On Design. I am doing a hell of a lot of sculptures for my Tribals. There are as you have seen, three main types. However there are variants to these such as a Dwarf sub-race of The Human Nomads. The two images at the top of the Simon Bisley Collage are my inspiration for the Dwarven People. Furthermore some of The Countryfolk and Human Nomads have adopted TECH as a useful tool.
I am still working on all of this, so I have to come up with some more names for the various classes of peoples.
Tribals are, for the time being, a catchall for The Fantasy Elements in Tomorrow Black.

Expect many WIP Articles on this Faction.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have been told by my people at Iron Wind Metals that I need to lay out a 9 inch circle with a 1 1/2 inch hole in the middle to see how much I can put into a Master Mold.

So...Here is what I have done and almost done to go into my first Master Mold.

After Mike reviews my little layout, and confirms my setup, I am going to focus on completing the last few models, and send everything to be Master Molded and Cast. I had planned to send these first sculptures out for my Birthday, but now that I have looked at everything on a measured out circle, I see that I do not have a nice full molds worth yet...but I am almost there.

I think I can get all of these in, for the first set. I will be done by the end of the month and ready to get this first series of TOMORROW BLACK & QWIK Models in the mothafuckinmail.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have the first tiny head and their Heavy Plas Beamer with Power Pack started now.

A Word On Design. I am going to make another head and a few more weapons before I am done.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

Bad Ass Bill at Good Ole TMP used one of my rambles for a recent TMP Poll.
This got me to thinking, something I do from time to time...
What do my Brothers here think about the core aspects of gaming? I am going to start my own little poll here so vote and comment, just for fun.

So considering the core or Tabletop Gaming: Miniatures, Terrain, Rules, and Storyline...What do you like best about our Hobby?

I think you need all four to have a great game, but if I had to put one aspect above the rest it would be The Miniatures, which is IMO The Art of the Hobby. Sure you can have a good game with cards, or dice, like in Poker or Yahtzee...but this ain't cards & dice.

Ultimately I want the BEST in all aspects of our little toy gaming lifestyle.


Friday, March 11, 2011


I am starting to work on some  illustrations for The TOMORROW BLACK Core Guide Book.

So here is a look at some of my illustration work for a change.

Some of the Monsters have seen putty too, so for fun you can reference the art to the sculpture.

I am rusty yet. I have been sculpting more than drawing for the last year, but in the next six months I just might be able to make a decent looking world/rule book for all of my sculptures.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MURG IMP SWARM Completed Sculpture Preview

The MURG Virus is responsible for many things, even in death the vile mutagen causes unnatural matter to form. The most common result of this terrifying reality is that Animals who eat of these MURG Infected remains become monsters themselves, and the plague spreads.

MURG Imps, like their cousins MURG Flies, dwell in swarms wherever The Murghaste thrive.

A Word On Design. I sculpted this a while back, but just now took another look at it as I gather my work to get things ready to send off for Master Casting. I touched up a few areas on this tiny sculpture, and it is ready to join The MURG Flies and other little meanies I have completed.

This was a hard little piece to achieve, but also very fun.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

CHARACTERS: GERROD THE PSYCHE Completed Sculpture Preview

From The Iron Mind to The Inner Body Electric, Gerrod has learned the true way of The Fire Of Unknown Origin. Among Psyche he is revered for his Heavy Clarity. For the power that comes to one who is devoted to these principles is mighty indeed, thus he and his disciples are greatly feared by The Manic Widows and The Unenlightened.

Gerrod travels the entire of New America bringing protection, knowledge and guidance to the wayward tribes, so that New Free Zones might flourish, and in time bring order to the land.

The creation of this Character was inspired by The Music of BLUE OYSTER CULT.

A Word On Design. This figure is also intended for use as a Promoter in The QWIK Game.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

GLERTCH BODY BLANK & WEAPONS Completed Sculptures Preview

"They will come for us in the night...there will be many!"

Glertches are a Dark Science Race which thrive in The Under (more on this later) and in remote areas, typically squatting on the very boarders of Human Settlements.
Glertches are an Evil race that hunt all Mammals, especially Humans, for their Slave Trade and for Food. The average Glertch is about 3'6" and weighs around 160lbs. Glertch are very Feral, and yet most are at least as intelligent as a capable Human. Glertch are strong despite their diminutive stature. Glertchech Warriors are very keen on Tech, and employ a variety of Custom Guns and other Tech Weapons during their frequent Raids into neighboring Humanoid Settlements.

A word on Design. I am keeping this Body Blank very clean, so that I will be able to add all manner of fun little details to each Master Casting, later. The right arm for this little meanie has been done separately so that I can add a number of fun Glertchech Weapons when I get going on the Conversion Phase of Production.

Glertch Raiders storm towards their destiny to the mighty noise of Dethklok's Go Forth And Die!!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This fellow is starting to get done!

The WHURG Theme, good for prowling under an Autumn Moon...Sing along my Evil Children.

A Word On Design. The thing on his right shoulder is a mini-missile-pod, rather it will be in a day or so. The arms will remain separate for this multi part model.

The next time this Mean Mother Fucker comes around, he will be completed.

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