Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 & Beyond...

2011 will be a very busy year for me. I am going to finish several old & new projects.

1) I have to deal with paperwork to legally open BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM.
2) I am going to open BME in Spring, as my Birthday Present.
3) I am going to finally complete my old rules system for 15MM Miniature Skirmish & RPG.
4) I intend to have the TOMORROW BLACK Core Book ready to release in Autumn.
5) I am going to participate in THE WEEKLY ONE FIVE,  on a regular bases.
6) I am going to continue to improve my well being in all aspects of life.

That should be enough for anybody to do...and I fucking welcome these challenges.

Your Goddamn Right...Baby!

To my Brothers out there, I hope you all have a very good year.



AD&D: 15

Now that the poll is concluded,  I would like to ask you to help me fill out some of the concepts from each game. Please bare in mind that I will NOT Copy anything from any of these games, but I will do some models that are similar, and convey the general intent of the popular concepts we all love from these RPG Worlds.

For example, many of us (At least 31 would like to see 15MM Gamma World Styled Miniatures.
Okay, what type of Miniatures?
The Animal-Humanoid Mutants?
Killer Cyborgs?
Wild Sci-Fi Versions of D&D Character types?
And so on...

What I would like to read from you who participated is: what was your reason for choosing what you voted for?

To help you understand why I included the RPG's I did in the poll, I will tell you what my Answers are to the above question.

AD&D: Classic Characters that transcend genre such as Fighters, Mages, and Rouges. Classic Monsters such as Kobolds, Goblins, Trolls, and Bizarre Mutant Things such as Dangerous Protoplasmic Blobs and Plants.

Cyberpunk: The Matrix Punk-Styled Gangers, Light Cyborgs and High Tech Character Classes.

Gamma World: Mutants of all types, particularly Animal-Humanoids.

Rifts: Super High Tech Nations struggling to rule the new world. Specifically The Coalition, and New German Republic.
Super Powerful Mutants and The Bizarre Aliens. 

Shadow Run: The Sci-Fantasy-Horror combined element, which made classic AD&D and Cyberpunk Characters even more interesting. 

Now that you know more or less what I am thinking about sculpting perhaps you can better answer when I ask you what would you like to see done.

Please feel free to respond here with your Blog I.D. I have the comments feature OPEN (But Moderated).


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The TECH Nation is a force to be reckoned with for it is their great devices which keep nearly all of The New Kingdoms alive, to varying degrees. "Integral Services" such as maintaining Border Security, Arming Troops, and running the purification processing stations which provide clean air and purified water insure that The Techers Voice is respected in the Meeting Halls of most Repopulated Dominions.

TECH Fighters employ a great verity of equipment and weapons, both Internally and Externally Utilized.

A word on Design. I am sculpting The TECH Nations Characters and Forces with as much Technical Detail as possible. This is a challenge for me because I am more of an Organic Sculptor. It will be a damn hard, but ultimately rewarding task.

I will post Previews of other TECH Nation Characters and an update on The S.E.C. MECH soon.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well I had a surprise today when I visited The Miniatures Page AKA: TMP.

Bill sent me a congratulatory Private Message to inform me that "Someone" had arranged for my Sponsoring Membership there, for a full year.
If that kind Brother (or Sister?) would like to contact me I have my email linked here on my Profile page. I would like to send you some of my miniatures in 2011.
If you prefer to remain anonymous, I understand that too.

In any event, again thank you very are one of the Good People in this Little Community.

Take care my friend!


Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Manic Widows know far more than our Elder Fathers have forgotten, we owe thanks to The Ghost Father that they are insane... for if not,  they would rule all of Mankind."

Manic Widows are The First Born Daughters of Human Females who have been exposed to The HTX-06 Compound, in it's pure and terrible form, and where somehow able to resist the physical mutation which flourishes in Human Males. The Child of such a Rare Mother is gifted of virtually unlimited mental prowess. In time these girls become young women capable of great Benevolence or Dominance. Thus are these women a blessing or a curse to all mankind, for in time they have the power to inspire and protect or discourage and kill entire armies of Lesser Minds.

A Word On Design. There are several types of Manic Widows. I will post more info for each of them, as I work on the sculptures for each class. This sculpture represents the Siren Class, whom can call forth animals and other beast to do their bidding.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Frst Project for THE WEEKLY ONE FIVE

Ray and I are going to sculpt a "Juggers Team" from The Blood Of Heroes.
I was going to do something like this later in the coming year, but since Ray wants to do it now, why not, it is cool.
For more info on The Weekly One Five which begins in just eleven days, you can read the TMP post.

I am going to do nine miniatures for this project. The five Juggers and four supporting figures.
The first support figure is going to be a Game Referee which will likely look very much like the Fat Bad Guy from The Book Of Eli.

In keeping with TW15's guidelines I am going to start working on this figure on January 1 2011. I will complete The Support Figures with a Manager, Ring Girl, and Gear Tech.

I am going to start a Blog for The Weekly One Five on the first.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have the basic bridge dry fitted now. I wanted to see it lain out. I am happy with the results of this little dry run. I decided to order larger sheets of Plasticard, as shown in my last Dead Road update. The new 7"x12" Plastic Boards are exactly what I wanted. You can see that the three Plastic Bridge pieces that came with the Rix Kit are nice, but they will not give me the large Overpass structure that I want. I am going to get good use from these pieces however, in another terrain Project, which I will discuss at a later date.

Now that I have laid the bridge out and dry-tested it for size, I can actually build this large structure with confidence that the finished product will do what I want it to do on the Battlefield.

I have started the damage and weathering process on some of my HO (1/87) scale die cast and plastic vehicles.
So far I have simply added bullet hits and other damage to the glass, along with scratches and dents on the bodies.

I decided that I want to add an abandoned house in the woods along the interstate. This will add another element of cover for advancing troops, and also I like the idea of having a house setting quietly in overgrown woodlands. With little skeletons and rusting vehicles, and the vines and other fun details all around. Baby, you sure are

This house was a very simple little kit to assemble, and so I an not showing the entire process of assembly, which took only about an hour to complete. Now the real work comes, in aging and weathering the structure.

I will post more updates on this project soon.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


"We are the force of our mighty chieftain's will, we kill the wet skins who would drive us from the good root of the filthy sun dirt, we are The War Makers!"

When The War Makers rise from The Under many go forth upon mighty War Ratts. These loyal steeds are alone a great threat, and give their beloved masters even greater speed and ferocity in open battle.

The War Makers, with their great War Ratts are the core of any Chieftains War Party. Mounted War Makers can attack at great speed, and return to a place of relative safety from the Wet Skins guns, almost before their enemies have made good any counter attack.

A Word On Design. I am sculpting The War Makers on Foot and Mounted, so you will have both Ground Troops and Cavalry options for your Huratt War Parties.

I will post more Huratt  Previews as well as updates on Rattak and The Hunters soon.


Monday, December 13, 2010


The Eastern Waste is home to many enemies of The NAC and TECH. Among these bands of Rebels none are so great as The Baron's Mighty Hordes. After The Last Days, The Death Ash intensified the effects of The M.U.R.G. Virus. Now many generations later, what has evolved in The Blackened Places is nothing less than horrendous.

"Dark Science brought to Mankind many Blessings and Curses... it is we who know them all."

The Murg Virus effects all Mammals. Non-Humanoids simply become mutated wild things driven mad by their terrible hunger. Infected Humans are an actuale new and terrible race.
Murghast are Evil that hunt all Weak Humans, for their Food. Strong Humans are welcomed into The Brotherhood.
Murghast Warriors stand from 4'6" to 8'6" and weigh from 190 to 660 lbs. The Murg maintain a Lethal Hierarchical Society, where in the most  intelligent and physically capable dominate the lower classes. The most organized and feared Murg Plague reigns in The East Waste and is Fathered by The Baron Morghast.
Murghast Warriors are agile, terrifyingly resilient, and extremely powerful. Warriors are very keen on Rigged Tech, and employ a variety of uniquely crafted Ballistic and Martial weapons of their own design. 

A word on Design. I am sculpting unique weapons for this Faction.
I will post more Previews of The Murg soon.


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hail Brothers Of The One Five!

I had a little unpacking adventure and after I dug out a few of my BIG Boxes of Raw Terrain Materials...well...I discovered I needed more goodies...Oops.

I suppose I could just use what I had, which is considerable, but I want The Dead Road to look absolutely realistic, which meant that I had to drop another $60 on this project. Below you can see what I ordered last week.

I have thought about it, and decided to be happy with my beloved Overpass...well...I am going to have to augment the RIX Kit. This was the main reason (along with the Sidewalks) that I purchased the new Plasticard Sheets, and put off working on it for a bit until the new supplies came in. I also discovered during my Closet Dig, that I needed new Plasticard Strips and Corners to finish off the Hotel's False Floors (I use these for the actuale construction process, the details of which I'll share with you later).

Well other than the Skeletons I am sculpting...I have all of the materials I need and can really build these structures now, the way I want them.
The skeletons are important becuase I am going to have areas of high detail all over my terrain, similar to what I am doing for my Miniature Bases.

I will post more on this project, and preview the Skeletons set soon.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Huratt dominate The Under, yet to truly Rule The Dark they know that they must also Walk In Light. There are several Huratt who are brave enough to do this, chief among them are: Path Finders and The Hunters with their Seekers.

Unlike most Huratt, Hunters are not a Dark Science Race, but rather a mutation which evolved after the first generation of Rat-Men (more on this later).

Like all Huratt, Hunters and their loyal Seekers are extremely evil, taking great pleasure in the torments they inflict on their hapless captives. Hunters are a Ranking Class, and can guide and instruct all other Hurrat, with nearly the same authority as Chieftains.They are the Huratt which hunt all Non-Rodent Mammals, especially Feline Manamals and Humans.
The average Huratt Hunter stands about 6'9" and weighs around 360lbs. Huratt Hunters maintain several of the laws which govern the Lethal Hierarchical Society of The Huratt. As Long Walkers they (like Path Finders) counsel their mighty Chieftains.
Hurrat Hunters are agile for their massive size and extremely powerful. Hunters are very keen on Old & New Tech, and employ a variety of finely crafted Staffs, Claws and Crossbows, along with many Devices of Dominance of their own design. 

A word on Design. I am sculpting Hunter Weapons and Devices of Dominance on separate sprues so that collectors can add fun little details to each of their Huratt Hunter Models...and more captives too (Why am I so Evil?).

I will post more Progress on Rattak and Previews of other Huratt soon.


Monday, December 6, 2010

S.E.C. MECH WIP Preview 1

A common danger any Well Traveled Walker expects to encounter when nearing the borders of The Techer or NAC Territories are S.E.C. Mechs. The trick to getting by them is to see them before they see you...

Tech Weaponry comes in many classifications from huge S.E.C. batteries mounted upon the ramparts of fortified instillation's, to tiny devices hidden in a piece of jewelry.
Perhaps the most common of these (with the exception of utilitarian weaponry of course) are S.E.C. Mechs.
Security Enforcement Constructs (S.E.C.s) are designed and manufactured almost exclusively in The Techer Cities. These deadly Mechs are available to anyone with the wits to deal with Techers (and survive) and the cash to pay for them.

A word on Design. I am working on a few weapon options for this S.E.C. Mech Type.
The first is a combo of one Medium Laser and a Mini-Missile Pod. I have designed this sculpture so that it can  be used on the tabletop in Scanning (Turret Down) and Active (Turret Up) mode.

I am going to make a few Mech Tech Weapons for the Techer and NAC Factions. This is just the first type.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration And Determination

Hello Brothers Of The One Five.

Some of you have asked me about what I am doing, for The World of TOMORROW BLACK.
Well, I can answer that simply, in part, by sharing with you some of the art that I have collected over the years.
Here is a little collage of a very few of the paintings I have in my Art Collection.

And one of my own paintings, from about a year ago.

I hope this posting gives you all some idea of what you can expect to see in 15MM Metal in 2011 and beyond.

Please know that I have a lot of Original Concepts of my own, and that I am not attempting to simply Copy any of the Art depicted in the Collage.

I am inspired by these works however, and I intend to pay respectful homage to the great artist which have have helped me grow in my own artistic endeavors over the years.

Note: If any of you are wondering why I have not shown more of my own Original Art in this posting, is becuase I am saving it to go into the Tomorrow Black RPG & Miniature Battles book.

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