Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MURG IMP SWARM Completed Sculpture Preview

The MURG Virus is responsible for many things, even in death the vile mutagen causes unnatural matter to form. The most common result of this terrifying reality is that Animals who eat of these MURG Infected remains become monsters themselves, and the plague spreads.

MURG Imps, like their cousins MURG Flies, dwell in swarms wherever The Murghaste thrive.

A Word On Design. I sculpted this a while back, but just now took another look at it as I gather my work to get things ready to send off for Master Casting. I touched up a few areas on this tiny sculpture, and it is ready to join The MURG Flies and other little meanies I have completed.

This was a hard little piece to achieve, but also very fun.

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