Thursday, April 26, 2012


I received the New Body Blank Master Prints this week.
Here are a few shots of the new toys on their own, and with some of my favorite Rebel Minis figures.


Monday, April 16, 2012


I received an email today previewing the prints of my new Digitally Sculpted Body Blanks. These models are in route to me as I type. I was curious to see if the tiny 9 MM model would print cleanly, and it looks fine which is very cool.

I am going to complete several weapons and some other cool items to go with these new Body Blanks, when that is done,  it will all go towards filling Master Mold two.

A Word On Design. The Millimeter sizing of these models was done from head to feet, thus the indicated scale of each is precise.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


I have enlisted the talents of two very skilled young artist to help me with The TOMORROW  BLACK Production. I have had The World of TOMORROW BLACK in my life for about 15 years, and now that I have started to work on it in earnest, in my young 40' have come to realize that if I am going to make my "Tolkien sized universe" successfully, I need some help. It was a matter of pride really, and I have swallowed mine. TOMORROW BLACK is a huge undertaking for one man, thus I have hired a Digital Sculptor and Digital/Traditional Artist to help me.

I will still be doing all of the detailed sculpting of course, but I am very slow, to speed up the process, I have decided to get some basic Body Blanks done. Here is a little peek at one of the Digitally Sculpted Males.

The new full color artwork of TOMORROW BLACK will be drawn in rough by me, then fully realized by my wonderfully talented new Digital/Traditional Painter. These new paintings  will be done later in the year, the piece featured here is a sample only, it is not a part of The TOMORROW BLACK Art that I will produce in 2013.

Now back to sculpting these Murghaste Warriors...

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