Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Countdown To 2013: NEW GAME TABLES

I picked up a pair of these NICE Iceberg 24x48" Tables recently.
I am going to use one table for cool little skirmish games and setup the pair side by side for large battles.

Now I can really get my game environments set up and ready for action in 2013!

I think I can work on all of this terrain...again now.



  1. They look good, is that a good price?

    1. I like them a lot. When I got them about 3 months ago they cost $109.00 each and shipping was free. I think it was $219.00 total to get them delivered right to my door literally.

      I would still get them at the new price.

      These are sturdy and made as good as any Resin Tables I have seen commonly used by most businesses. After I got them I went to a regular doctors 3 month checkup, and noticed their tables in the lounge, they are the same...Lol. I slipped over and gave the legs a little wiggle and pinched the plastic molded-in clamps that hold the legs in place when folded under for storage, to see if they had the same give, as mine, and they did.

      I am a BIG Boy and when I lean over them or rest my elbows on them, these tables hold up, I think that a smaller person could actually sleep on them and they would be fine.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! There's a post on my own blog about it. Congrats!!


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