Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Farewell Old Dell!

It is ALL HOLLOWS EVE...What better time for a funeral is there?Alas my old Dell is gone to the last place, and I shall not miss it.

Actually I just sold it to one of the old ladies in my apartment building that wanted to play around on the


Sunday, October 23, 2011

High Tech Wreck!

I have been really fucking annoyed by several little realities of setting up a website/store this year. The big issue was trying to do all of this work on a craptastic six or seven year old Dell with that impressive 512 slow ass poop butt.
No, I am not going to keep fighting things that are supposed to be FUN. I did something better than struggle on, I up-fucking-graded!
Here are the specs of  my new computer , which I just received this week.


I have this onyx baby set up now...kinda. It is going to be a lot of fun learning all about her.

I just might be able to write and illustrate a REAL Book or six and Produced TOMORROW BLACK  properly now.

Funeral services for my old computer will be held this Halloween.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Some Real Improvements

I am making some real improvements for myself and my projects. I ordered a brand new Dell Laptop this month which arrived today. This new machine is loaded with programs that I can use for producing my art and rule books, as well as my new website.

I am going to cleanup the multimedia corner of my little studio tonight and set this baby up tomorrow. I have a lot to figure out as this Laptop is equipped with Widows 7 and a few programs that are new to me, but this is all going to be fun. 


Sunday, October 16, 2011


I received a few of the key components for The Dead City this week. I was not going to buy any Terrain items this month as I have Production Molds to pay for, but that cute City Bus has been on my to buy list for about a year.

This month Walthers had a sale only on one of the many buses they stock, for $15.00, it normally cost $35.00 there and at just about every Hobby Train Shop I trad with, so I grabbed it up! 

Dammit! I only need one, to set up on that ruined hill, all sexy Rifts style at forty bucks for one HO Scale Bus... I waited until now. It is funny too, that they only had one on sale, but colors mean nothing as I am going to mess it up good and proper.

Of course I grabbed a few of the other key ingredients such as Modern Telephone poles and some Bikes w/Racks, and some very cool Metal Steps, all of which need to be on any detailed City Tabletop.

October and Autumn in general has always been cool for me.


Thursday, October 13, 2011




I even called IWM Mike to warn him.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Beware the blight of pestilence comes!"

A terrible swarm of flies descend upon your 15MM Gaming tables...MURG Flies!

I am going to sale MURG Fly Swarms comprised of nine models. You will get three each of the common species of Murg Flies which include: Jumpers, Stingers, and Bloats (Spitters). This production Mold contains three complete swarms.
These models are going out to IWM this week along with the Production Mold One.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet Before The Storm...

After years of struggling to get my little toy company going I have to say that it means very little. I bust my ass to make the best models in this scale, but everybody does what they can, most of the time, so what makes my efforts any better than the next serious artist...not much. 

The important things in life are being loved and doing the best that you can to keep it real. I spent the day with some friends and we had a little dinner and what not, and my girlfriend's son came by. We had been talking about computers because Shella wants to get a new machine. She suggested that I show off my sculptures and this silly little Blog, as he had never seen any of my work. He was very very impressed, especially when I went next door to my apartment, and brought over a handful of the Master Castings for him to handle. We then watched a few family videos he had made including one of him playing with his young daughter and the family dog. The fact that he shared that with me was more important than his compliments of my work. It reminded me that this is all just fun and games, and not really that important.

It was a good day. We are so happy because Shella's niece is on the way with barbecued chicken and what not...Lol!
Don't get me wrong Brothers, I take what I do very seriously, but there are other things in life...
I am sending the first set of cleaned Masters to IWM this week.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


There are many settings I am going to build for THE WORLD OF TOMORROW BLACK. The Dead Road, The Dead City, and The Under are the main three for representing The Waste. The other side of this coin, so to speak, is represented by the Tech Forts of The New Settlements, and The Bases of TECH Nation and The NAC AKA: North American Combine or New American Coalition.

This ridiculous amount of Museum Diorama Level Terrain is very important to me. These 3'x3' and 3'x6' tabletops are intended to be the direct interpretation of my Dark Science Fantasy World. It is an extremely fun and damn challenging task really, to attempt to make what I see in my head (more or less) become reality in this wonderful scale. I am going to get a pair of Lifetime 3'x3' Tables for my game board.

Now about these Forgotten Places. To keep my sanity, I am going to build a base set of game boards to represent wildly overgrown areas, not waste, and not ruined cities, just open country with little ponds and earthen areas, full of wild grasses. Picture a  typical HO scale countryside train layout. The magic comes into this nice setting when you add a variety of Apocalyptic and Retro-tech elements.
I am Hell bent on making a number of creepy environments using this sort of Template Approach.
These are general settings that can be reasonably achieved. I am going to make enough models to represent an Airport/Military Base, Sprawling Suburb, Open Farmlands, and of course a Dense Forrest. This is also where the entrances to many of The Ancient TECH Tombs and Vaults are located.
I have referred to The Forgotten Places in many articles. This is where several of The Small Settlements and large Secrete Communities of The Good Races are located in The World of TOMORROW BLACK.
Where do most of The Tribals, and many of The Fighters, Psyches, Hunters and Trekkers all come from? The Forgotten Places...

I have been collecting models and raw materials for the last three years or so now, to build the featured elements of The Forgotten Places Terrain. I have been lucky and my damnable persistence has paid off in many areas, however a key model has eluded me for all of these years, until today. I have been searching for a wonderfully large aircraft model that "Looks right, and is affordable".
Well, thanks to a wacky little franchise of children's films, and Wally World, I now have such a model.

I know it is a stupid toy...but with a little rude converting and a hell of a lot of weathering, and painting I have a splendid "Star Of The Show" for my Airport/Military Base setting. This was $23.00 well spent My Brothers. All I need do now is snap up the all important Quonset Hut or two, and this lovely Traffic Tower model. I already have yards of Chain-link Fencing, Military Jets and Ground Vehicles, along with the odd bits to finish this setting properly. A Large Jet was the last Magic Element, and now that I have one, it is time to get The Forgotten Places WIP Articles started.


Monday, October 3, 2011


The new MTA Yew York City HO Scale Subway Cars arrived today!
I love them!

I had to smile and giggle a little when I saw the Number SIX on these wonderful little models!

Here is car number six, long forgotten down here in The Under. It ain't going nowhere, and all of it's passengers are mossy skeletons.

Notice the ease of desassembly friends. I can set my little skellies up inside, detail everything, add greenery, and reassemble the whole model, when it is fully painted and properly aged.

I have wanted some New York Subway Models for a long time, and now a cool company finalley made them affordable in this perfect scale.
Is it cool Brothers of The One Five? IS!


Saturday, October 1, 2011




 What are you waiting for?
It's time to take a hold of what belongs to me, 
It's time to walk away with no apologies!
These voices in the mirror start quietly, 
and now they're screaming back at me!
Your ass is to the wall again and, 
aren't you sick of wasting so much time?
Yes it's true you're a fool if you think you were born 
to be waiting while you're hating what you're waiting for...
It's time to take a hold of what belongs to me!
It's time to walk away with no apologies!
This Is My Birthright!

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