Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Beware the blight of pestilence comes!"

A terrible swarm of flies descend upon your 15MM Gaming tables...MURG Flies!

I am going to sale MURG Fly Swarms comprised of nine models. You will get three each of the common species of Murg Flies which include: Jumpers, Stingers, and Bloats (Spitters). This production Mold contains three complete swarms.
These models are going out to IWM this week along with the Production Mold One.



  1. I think 9 is a good number. It is enough to give a six man unit/gang a good bit of trouble, or a trio of adventures a real dangerous encounter.

    Larger swarms would be very deadly. In The World of TOMORROW BLACK all Murg Flies can poison you, and each type have special rules for attack and defense. When acting as a swarm Murg Flies get additional benefits.

    I love deadly little monsters...


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