Thursday, October 6, 2011


There are many settings I am going to build for THE WORLD OF TOMORROW BLACK. The Dead Road, The Dead City, and The Under are the main three for representing The Waste. The other side of this coin, so to speak, is represented by the Tech Forts of The New Settlements, and The Bases of TECH Nation and The NAC AKA: North American Combine or New American Coalition.

This ridiculous amount of Museum Diorama Level Terrain is very important to me. These 3'x3' and 3'x6' tabletops are intended to be the direct interpretation of my Dark Science Fantasy World. It is an extremely fun and damn challenging task really, to attempt to make what I see in my head (more or less) become reality in this wonderful scale. I am going to get a pair of Lifetime 3'x3' Tables for my game board.

Now about these Forgotten Places. To keep my sanity, I am going to build a base set of game boards to represent wildly overgrown areas, not waste, and not ruined cities, just open country with little ponds and earthen areas, full of wild grasses. Picture a  typical HO scale countryside train layout. The magic comes into this nice setting when you add a variety of Apocalyptic and Retro-tech elements.
I am Hell bent on making a number of creepy environments using this sort of Template Approach.
These are general settings that can be reasonably achieved. I am going to make enough models to represent an Airport/Military Base, Sprawling Suburb, Open Farmlands, and of course a Dense Forrest. This is also where the entrances to many of The Ancient TECH Tombs and Vaults are located.
I have referred to The Forgotten Places in many articles. This is where several of The Small Settlements and large Secrete Communities of The Good Races are located in The World of TOMORROW BLACK.
Where do most of The Tribals, and many of The Fighters, Psyches, Hunters and Trekkers all come from? The Forgotten Places...

I have been collecting models and raw materials for the last three years or so now, to build the featured elements of The Forgotten Places Terrain. I have been lucky and my damnable persistence has paid off in many areas, however a key model has eluded me for all of these years, until today. I have been searching for a wonderfully large aircraft model that "Looks right, and is affordable".
Well, thanks to a wacky little franchise of children's films, and Wally World, I now have such a model.

I know it is a stupid toy...but with a little rude converting and a hell of a lot of weathering, and painting I have a splendid "Star Of The Show" for my Airport/Military Base setting. This was $23.00 well spent My Brothers. All I need do now is snap up the all important Quonset Hut or two, and this lovely Traffic Tower model. I already have yards of Chain-link Fencing, Military Jets and Ground Vehicles, along with the odd bits to finish this setting properly. A Large Jet was the last Magic Element, and now that I have one, it is time to get The Forgotten Places WIP Articles started.


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