Sunday, October 16, 2011


I received a few of the key components for The Dead City this week. I was not going to buy any Terrain items this month as I have Production Molds to pay for, but that cute City Bus has been on my to buy list for about a year.

This month Walthers had a sale only on one of the many buses they stock, for $15.00, it normally cost $35.00 there and at just about every Hobby Train Shop I trad with, so I grabbed it up! 

Dammit! I only need one, to set up on that ruined hill, all sexy Rifts style at forty bucks for one HO Scale Bus... I waited until now. It is funny too, that they only had one on sale, but colors mean nothing as I am going to mess it up good and proper.

Of course I grabbed a few of the other key ingredients such as Modern Telephone poles and some Bikes w/Racks, and some very cool Metal Steps, all of which need to be on any detailed City Tabletop.

October and Autumn in general has always been cool for me.


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