Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BIOSECT: ROACH Completed Sculpture Preview

"I have seen brave men, Great Warriors,  pulled into the vile wet blackness of The Under...and they could not scream."

Biosect Roaches are not a Dark Science Race however their mutation evolved from feeding upon such beings. Roach-Men, as they are sometimes called, thrive in The Under and in any other dark damp place with a reasonable food supply. They often locate themselves near appropriately temperate Human Settlements.

Roaches are The Ultimate Solitary Survivalist. They are considered to be an Evil race, but they are actually neutral, caring only for what is best for them. Females will watch their Eggs until they hatch, but once the Imps are able to feed, they are left to their own fates.
Occasionally Adults have been known to form small bands of their own kind, or work with other species of Biosect, and even Manamals, and other Humanoids.The average Adult Roach is about 7'6" and weighs around 260lbs. Adults are Master Hunters, and Path Finders. Roach-Men are at least as intelligent as a capable Human. They are cunning and absolutely deadly opponents in Martial Combat. A single Warrior Roach is roughly as strong as six good Human males. Their Digits and Back Arms are razor sharp and able to rip metal open like so much damp paper. The typical adult is entirely armoured and can sustain a full burst at point blank range from all but the most powerful Ballistic Weapons. All Biosects have sharp reflexes and are fast on their feet, Roaches are uncanny in this regard. Roach Warriors are very keen on Tech, and employ a variety of Guns and other Tech Weapons stolen or salvaged from their victims, and allies. Roach-Men can speak to other intelligent beings and all types of Insects via a minimal form of Intuitive Telepathy.

A Word On Design. I have kept the Back Limbs of my Roach-Men as a seperate bit, for the ease of casting, and so that we can pose these extra arms in whatever way looks best to us.
This has been a fun model to conceive, and finally complete. I learned some new approaches to sculpting on this little Bad Ass Bug


  1. Man, great job! That is one cool, scary-ass bug. He makes me want to game "Men in Black". :)

  2. Theres my buddie Joe...always first to comment, and rate.
    Most definitely the first to get some free models too, with Hot Roddie.

    Joe this guy scares me, and I made
    Like Hurrat War Makers, he has this habit of running on walls and ceilings to grab you, and give you one Hell of a serious Martial Combat.

    He can walk up anything, even in the middle of a fight. I see him, and my Hurrat, actually doing a Gene Kelly on your ass, walking around and completely over you, literally, while trading blows.
    When they do this, in the Rules I am writing, they lose an attack, as they need to keep a little focus on the walking walls trick, but all of their remaining attacks count as a Surprise Strike, as they are all around you. Of course they need to be in a tunnel, close room, or have a lot of trees around to do this. It is going to be fun in game to play these damn Bugs...and Rats.

  3. Lovely sculpt. I'd like to own one! :-)

  4. Thanks Matt.

    I am going to do a small band of Roaches I think.

    You really should never need more than six of these fellows. If people play them according to my rules for the race, six Roach-Men could give 36 Well Equipped and Competent Humans a damn good fight.

    For larger games where people will likely play my Roaches as slightly better than humans, well 1 Leader Type, 1 Heavy Weapon Type, 1 Special Weapon Type, and 3 Troop poses should be fint too...don't you think?

  5. Weird and wonderful, very cool looking figure

  6. I thought caring only about what is best for the individual is evil! Great job with the bugs!


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