Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MONSTERS: GRIZZOUGHT Completed Sculpture Preview

"Travel far, and make good The Hunt my son... but always know the Fast-way home, for you are not alone in The Wild."

Grizzought are Lion-like Kodiak Bear sized beast which Hunt The Wild, and other remote places of The NAC Dominion. These dreaded hunters are stealthy, fast, and very powerful. The hide of an adult Grizz is virtually impervious to commonly used Ballistic Weapons, making them a great threat to even well equipped travellers.

A Word On Design. The Grizzought's tail has been sculpted seperate, for ease of casting.
I think this Ferocious Beast will make a fine addition to my QWIK Gladiatorial Range. We want to have some Beast in The Arena to fight...don't we?


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