Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOMORROW BLACK Product Overview

I am opening BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM this week, and the first miniatures range I am releasing is TOMORROW BLACK. This product range is going to be a comprehensive world of Figures, Vehicles, and Terrain, based on my old TOMORROW'S PLAYGROUND RPG game, and my new TOMORROW BLACK Novels.

I am starting The TOMORROW BLACK Range with three packs and one single. 

Abominations Of Dark Science Collection 1 begins a series, a sampler pack if you will, of The Evil Monsters encountered in all regions and climates in The New World.

I am producing the Abomination Collections as a core starter for TOMORROW BLACK, and to offer hobbyist the opportunity to add some unique variety to their general Science Fiction and Horror gaming. I feel that these collections are equally useful to those of us who want to include Random Monster Encounters in our RPG Adventures, and for Wargamers who enjoy the extra detail and humor afforded by the use of Battlefield Event Charts which include Surprise Attacks by a variety of local hostiles.

All Abomination Collections will be comprised of six models including at least one Large, Medium (human sized), and Small creature, for the sake of esthetics and variety of use. I am offering these collections for the reasonable price of $9.60 each. Abominations Of Dark Science Collection 2 will likely include the first Scizz and Whurg models, as well as four models I have not yet shared with you. 

I am selling The Death Digger as the first of my Large Single Monsters, and a pack of three Rattle Wings, for $3.90 each. Both of these products are also located in The Abominations Of Dark Science Emporium.

Beast Of The Waste begins with The Murg Flies, which are the first of my Murghaste figures and are also a part of another Faction, that I am not ready to share with you fine people at this time.
The Murg Flies pack is comprised of 9 randomly assorted figures, including at least one or more of each breed, as well as six detailed bases chosen from the three styles. I am offering these collections for the very reasonable price of $3.60 each, because some of you may want a lot of them after-all, and they are so lovably tiny.

Well gang that is it for now.

This is just the beginning my Brothers...


This Was The Year...

I have had this silly dream of making an entire world of models that represent what I see in my head and what I like that has been crated by other more talented artist. A lot of people like us want to have a little miniatures/game company I think. I have discovered that it is one thing to dream and want, and an entirely different reality when you attempt to actually make the dream happen.

This is the year that has seen me through the process of sculpting a handful of tiny 15MM miniatures, and having them Molded and Master Cast. I have also Cleaned my own Masters and sent some of them to be Molded and Cast for Production. Ultimately I have in my hands, as of this week, the white metal versions of my work, which is what other people will see and buy from me.

This entire process has been a fun challenge, and at times absolutely surreal.

I am looking forward to continuing the process endifinately.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update On The John Carter Film!

This is looking better.
NEW John Carter Images!

I am really looking forward to seeing this in theaters.

I have to admit that this is likely going to inspire some elements of the sculpting of my Tribals and Nomads. I love the concept of a serious warrior riding out there in the waste on a powerful beast, and taking care of business with a Big Sword and a Heavy Blaster.

My First JCOM Post.

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