Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank You October!

October and Autumn in general have always been good for me. This year I was finally able to start most of the preparations for opening BME, and sent my first models off for final Production on the 13th of October.

In late September I purchased my new computer, which arrived just last week. This sexy little machine will be a great tool for all of the work I want to do to publish my new art and books for TOMORROW BLACK. One major reason that I have been having problems with building the BME Site and getting content done to the level of quality I want, is that my old computer simply could not do what I needed it to do.

I was able to buy some very cool models this month too. I have wanted several of these for some time. The best models being the new HO Scale Subway Cars, and the wonderful little Sidley The Spy Plane, for one of my Forgotten Places Projects. Neither of these models had been available (in my area, or at all in the case of the subway) until Sept/Oct.

I am happy, it is my time of year, and I am just about ready to get back to work...


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