Friday, November 11, 2011


The BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM & TOMORROW BLACK  Websites are now open for review and bookmarking. Currently the Domain is TOMORROW BLACK . COM for both, but I will have my super Web Team point the old BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM . COM to the new site too.

I am opening the site now for reviewing and bookmarking only. The Pay Pal Store is set up, but I am not ready to start taking your orders just yet. Mike is getting one of his "Good Casters" to work next week, and I should have models in my hands and ready for sale by December first. 
I am posting this news only here, on the down low for now, just for My Cool Ass Brothers who have all supported WAR ART. You can tell your friends if you want to, and do please let me know if you see anything fucked up or not working at the site. You can just reply to this article, or email me via the link here in my profile or by the Contact  Email link at The NEW Site, on the Contact/About page.

Brothers, we are about to get REAL here in a hot minute...



  1. That's looking good brother! Nothing strange or faulty caught my eye and come december you can expect my first order :-)


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