Saturday, December 31, 2011




The First BME Holiday Promotion Ends...THANK YOU!

THANK YOU ALL for participating in my first little Holiday Promotion!
You REAL People mean far more to me than the money you sent me for your toys...our toys!

I will have another little Promotional Deal for you in the Spring!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Dead Road Part 11

As regular followers of WAR ART know, I have been spending a lot of money this year, well over a thousand  dollars as of the publication of this article, to build up my TOMORROW BLACK Terrain. 

One of my Christmas presents to myself was a large order of raw plastic materials and a few more HO Kits. I am going to make a beautiful little strip-mall as one of the stops along The Dead Road, and this lovely Drive-thru Bank kit was one of the last models on my long list. Every time I had the money for it, the kit was out of Christmas Joe, it was in stock this month!

I am almost able to complete The Dead Mall now,  all I need is a Taco Bell, or some other fun little establishment, and a few more shop buildings. I will of course post a detailed article on the construction of this complete environment in 2012.

This is a big project, near and dear to my wretched black is going to be a very fun challenge...and I am almost ready to start!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Ridley Goes Back To The Start: PROMETHEUS

I have all of The Alien Films in dual disk special editions, and on all of them Sir. Ridley Scott talks about making a Prequel to Alien. Well he did it, and it looks great! This is going to be very cool...

You have to love REAL People.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

JOE'S Hunting Death Digger

Joe sent this to me a few days ago, and for some bizarre reason my email decided his mail was Spam, which is wacky because he is in my Contacts List. I am pleased to share with you Joe's Hunting Death Digger!

Joe I love this fun little scene! You can really see how big a Digger is!
I have to think good thoughts for the little warriors!

You are REAL Brother...and I thank you for that!



This is going to be EPIC!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hail Brothers! I am offering you a little Holiday Promotion, by way of a Tiny Grand Opening.

I have 15 Abominations Of Dark Science, 10 Murg Imp Swarms, 30 Death Diggers, 30 Grizzoughts, and 15 Murg Fly Swarms all packaged and ready specifically for this Holiday Promotion. These models are being offered to you at the regular price. The deal comes in the form of special giveaways; in this case free models that are not yet available to the public, and will not be added to The Emporium until Spring.

Between now and December 30 th any collector who purchases $13.00 or more plus shipping and handling, will be entered to win The Entire Premier Collection of my Tomorrow Black Models.I am giving away one of these sets for this promotion. In addition to this, I am going to give 1 Randomly Selected Participant all 3 of my Premier Human Character Models. Finally 11 Randomly Selected Participants will receive their choice of any single Character or Monster Model from my Premier Series. 

Grand Prize
Grand Prize Closeup
First Place Prize
All Winners will be notified by email. I ask that each Winner verify that they received their prize with their order, by simply replying to the Winners Topic that I will post here at WAR ART on January 6th 2012.

To keep the chances of winning reasonably in your favor, I am limiting this promotion to only theses 100 products. I chose 13 of my favorite numbers from 1 to 100. The random factor comes into play determined simply by the order in which I receive each Payment Confirmation via Pay Pal. The winning numbers are 1 6 13 19 26 39 43 53 66 73 86 93 and 100. The specific type of prize will be determined by a little blind drawing. I have a jar set up with 1 Black, 1 Green, and 11 Red gem stones (the little glass counter beads some of us use as game markers), just for this Promotion. When a winning number comes up, I will draw a bead and we will see what happens...kinda fun.

The time limit for this contest begins from the moment I publish this article, and it will run until all 100 Products are sold out. If this happens in 1 order, 13 orders, or more, has no bearing, when everything is sold the contest ends immediately, or it may run until 12 Midnight Eastern Time on December 30th.

Finally, all winners of this Promotion will be eligible for a free membership in The BME Brotherhood. This gives you a regular 13% discount on all orders, and access to a number of additional benefits, all of which I will cover in a future article.

If you have already received a free model(s) from me with your recent order, you may still participate in this Promotion.
This Promotion is limited to Citizens of The United States. I will have another Promotion for my International Brothers when I begin accepting Global Orders.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starting The BME Brotherhood Gallery

Mr. Erik Myles has started this for us, by simply being the first to post his wonderfully characterful paint work on a DEATH DIGGER and a RATTLE WING. You did a great job Bro!

I look forward to adding the work of my other Internet Brothers to this Gallery...Joe & Jeff, get to work my friends!
I will have Super Steve, my all powerful Webmaster, set this new feature up at The BME Site this week.


Emporium Restocks Have Arived!

I have three pounds of White Metal just in today, now all I have to do is package it and I will be ready to accept more orders!  I am thinking of restructuring Abominations Of Dark Science Collection One, I will have full details in my next article.

Again, thank you very much to the first wave of BME Supporters, who all ordered immediately! It is cool people like you...REAL People, that are pretty much guaranteeing that new product will be released ASAP! It is a lot easier on me when I do not have to pay for everything all out of my own pocket.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Upgrading The Emporium

My Little Brother David Rogers made some very nice and clean graphics for me last week for The BME.
Now that I have these shiney bits of Digital Metal, I am setting them up to use as New Boarders for all of the Product Images in The Emporium. I did a little more work on Happy too, since he now has a nice new spiked picture frame to live in...kinda fun.

Thank you Mr. Rogers!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TOMORROW BLACK Product Out Of Stock!

I am very happy to report that Abominations Of Dark Science: Collection 1 & AODS: Rattle Wings are both temporarily Out Of Stock. I just called Mike Noe (The YES Man) and he is casting new models as I type. There will be NEW stock in The Emporium early next week.

To the cool people who have purchased from me, THANK YOU ALL!



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank You Brothers...I MADE $45!!!

I delivered my first 2 orders today...LOL! Thank you Joe & Jeff!!

My little Post Girl smiled as soon as she saw me walking in, this time she just posed for me, because she knew the is a sweetie. When she saw that I had my packages all ready to go with paid shipping labels...looking all legit and shit...she even giggled...I giggled back too.

I will be shipping via USPS Home Pickup Services from now on, but for the first two orders, well fuck yeah, I just had to go and do it myself and record this astounding, and monumental-a-muss event in His-tor-Eee...


Thursday, December 1, 2011


The site is pretty much a WORK IN PROGRESS, and will remain as such for the rest of my life, I think you all know what I mean My Brothers. I am always going to update it, change it, work to improve on and forward ho!
The important goodies are up and working fine, so order some toys.
For my friends in other countries, I am not yet prepared to accept International Orders, because this is a Soft Opening, since I have only a few of my figures up for purchase. If you are a member of this little community, in other words: if you and I have a history, and I feel that I can trust you, I will personally process your order, just email me with your request and I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice.

For the last 3 months I have messed with this whole damn annoying website thingie, and I am happy that it is done...enough to open for a few of my friends. I am not going to go all over on line and post big big big deals...fuck that, it is open,  and the few people that I like, and that care, can finally buy the first handful of my work.

For a little more detail, see my Product Overview Article.




Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOMORROW BLACK Product Overview

I am opening BATTLE MINIATURES EMPORIUM this week, and the first miniatures range I am releasing is TOMORROW BLACK. This product range is going to be a comprehensive world of Figures, Vehicles, and Terrain, based on my old TOMORROW'S PLAYGROUND RPG game, and my new TOMORROW BLACK Novels.

I am starting The TOMORROW BLACK Range with three packs and one single. 

Abominations Of Dark Science Collection 1 begins a series, a sampler pack if you will, of The Evil Monsters encountered in all regions and climates in The New World.

I am producing the Abomination Collections as a core starter for TOMORROW BLACK, and to offer hobbyist the opportunity to add some unique variety to their general Science Fiction and Horror gaming. I feel that these collections are equally useful to those of us who want to include Random Monster Encounters in our RPG Adventures, and for Wargamers who enjoy the extra detail and humor afforded by the use of Battlefield Event Charts which include Surprise Attacks by a variety of local hostiles.

All Abomination Collections will be comprised of six models including at least one Large, Medium (human sized), and Small creature, for the sake of esthetics and variety of use. I am offering these collections for the reasonable price of $9.60 each. Abominations Of Dark Science Collection 2 will likely include the first Scizz and Whurg models, as well as four models I have not yet shared with you. 

I am selling The Death Digger as the first of my Large Single Monsters, and a pack of three Rattle Wings, for $3.90 each. Both of these products are also located in The Abominations Of Dark Science Emporium.

Beast Of The Waste begins with The Murg Flies, which are the first of my Murghaste figures and are also a part of another Faction, that I am not ready to share with you fine people at this time.
The Murg Flies pack is comprised of 9 randomly assorted figures, including at least one or more of each breed, as well as six detailed bases chosen from the three styles. I am offering these collections for the very reasonable price of $3.60 each, because some of you may want a lot of them after-all, and they are so lovably tiny.

Well gang that is it for now.

This is just the beginning my Brothers...


This Was The Year...

I have had this silly dream of making an entire world of models that represent what I see in my head and what I like that has been crated by other more talented artist. A lot of people like us want to have a little miniatures/game company I think. I have discovered that it is one thing to dream and want, and an entirely different reality when you attempt to actually make the dream happen.

This is the year that has seen me through the process of sculpting a handful of tiny 15MM miniatures, and having them Molded and Master Cast. I have also Cleaned my own Masters and sent some of them to be Molded and Cast for Production. Ultimately I have in my hands, as of this week, the white metal versions of my work, which is what other people will see and buy from me.

This entire process has been a fun challenge, and at times absolutely surreal.

I am looking forward to continuing the process endifinately.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update On The John Carter Film!

This is looking better.
NEW John Carter Images!

I am really looking forward to seeing this in theaters.

I have to admit that this is likely going to inspire some elements of the sculpting of my Tribals and Nomads. I love the concept of a serious warrior riding out there in the waste on a powerful beast, and taking care of business with a Big Sword and a Heavy Blaster.

My First JCOM Post.

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