Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Dead Road Part 11

As regular followers of WAR ART know, I have been spending a lot of money this year, well over a thousand  dollars as of the publication of this article, to build up my TOMORROW BLACK Terrain. 

One of my Christmas presents to myself was a large order of raw plastic materials and a few more HO Kits. I am going to make a beautiful little strip-mall as one of the stops along The Dead Road, and this lovely Drive-thru Bank kit was one of the last models on my long list. Every time I had the money for it, the kit was out of Christmas Joe, it was in stock this month!

I am almost able to complete The Dead Mall now,  all I need is a Taco Bell, or some other fun little establishment, and a few more shop buildings. I will of course post a detailed article on the construction of this complete environment in 2012.

This is a big project, near and dear to my wretched black is going to be a very fun challenge...and I am almost ready to start!


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