Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hail Brothers! I am offering you a little Holiday Promotion, by way of a Tiny Grand Opening.

I have 15 Abominations Of Dark Science, 10 Murg Imp Swarms, 30 Death Diggers, 30 Grizzoughts, and 15 Murg Fly Swarms all packaged and ready specifically for this Holiday Promotion. These models are being offered to you at the regular price. The deal comes in the form of special giveaways; in this case free models that are not yet available to the public, and will not be added to The Emporium until Spring.

Between now and December 30 th any collector who purchases $13.00 or more plus shipping and handling, will be entered to win The Entire Premier Collection of my Tomorrow Black Models.I am giving away one of these sets for this promotion. In addition to this, I am going to give 1 Randomly Selected Participant all 3 of my Premier Human Character Models. Finally 11 Randomly Selected Participants will receive their choice of any single Character or Monster Model from my Premier Series. 

Grand Prize
Grand Prize Closeup
First Place Prize
All Winners will be notified by email. I ask that each Winner verify that they received their prize with their order, by simply replying to the Winners Topic that I will post here at WAR ART on January 6th 2012.

To keep the chances of winning reasonably in your favor, I am limiting this promotion to only theses 100 products. I chose 13 of my favorite numbers from 1 to 100. The random factor comes into play determined simply by the order in which I receive each Payment Confirmation via Pay Pal. The winning numbers are 1 6 13 19 26 39 43 53 66 73 86 93 and 100. The specific type of prize will be determined by a little blind drawing. I have a jar set up with 1 Black, 1 Green, and 11 Red gem stones (the little glass counter beads some of us use as game markers), just for this Promotion. When a winning number comes up, I will draw a bead and we will see what happens...kinda fun.

The time limit for this contest begins from the moment I publish this article, and it will run until all 100 Products are sold out. If this happens in 1 order, 13 orders, or more, has no bearing, when everything is sold the contest ends immediately, or it may run until 12 Midnight Eastern Time on December 30th.

Finally, all winners of this Promotion will be eligible for a free membership in The BME Brotherhood. This gives you a regular 13% discount on all orders, and access to a number of additional benefits, all of which I will cover in a future article.

If you have already received a free model(s) from me with your recent order, you may still participate in this Promotion.
This Promotion is limited to Citizens of The United States. I will have another Promotion for my International Brothers when I begin accepting Global Orders.



  1. That's a very generous offer. I'm glad to see the restock. Here's hoping you sell out quickly.

  2. Hi Bro,

    Just tried to buy, no purchase from non-USA PP accounts (plus shipping was not added in the cart form) :(


  3. Thank you Joe.

    CS I am setting up International Shipping in January.


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