Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starting The BME Brotherhood Gallery

Mr. Erik Myles has started this for us, by simply being the first to post his wonderfully characterful paint work on a DEATH DIGGER and a RATTLE WING. You did a great job Bro!

I look forward to adding the work of my other Internet Brothers to this Gallery...Joe & Jeff, get to work my friends!
I will have Super Steve, my all powerful Webmaster, set this new feature up at The BME Site this week.



  1. ery nice. I was woringon my Death Digger last night.Got it mostly done. Dropped one of the teeth and can't find it. I'll play him as battle damaged. :) Just need to base it and seal it. I'll send pics soon. It painted up reallyeasly, and has even more detail than I realized.

  2. very nice minis, looking forward for your big guy w/chainsaw (and out of USA service!)


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