Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Countdown To 2013: LEGION

Brothers, I now have a LEGION...of Body Blanks. 

Pictured in this article are about 300 perfect Master Castings, ranging in size from 30MM to 9MM, measured  from the base to the crown. I also have another 190 male and female Body Blank Parts, which I have not shown because there is nothing to see yet, but little piles of Bodies, Heads, and limbs.

To my Brothers out there who have wondered if I would ever really get all of the models done that I have talked about: the answer is yes. This was $390 well spent.

All I have to do now is play Dress-up-Baby-Dolls with some serious moxie

And here we are a week from October...Oh how sweet it is! Toxic Dead? YES!

"With just a touch of my burning hand,
I'm gonna live my life to to destroy your world!
Prime directive, exterminate, The whole fuckin' race!

All I wanted to say, And all I gotta do.
Who'd I do this for, Hey, me or you? "


Thanks to Iron Wind Metals; to Mike Noe for keeping the money right for my budget, and to Stu for doing such a good job on the Molding and Master Casting!

2013 is going to be my year.

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