Monday, March 21, 2011


Out in The Waste there are many of The Forgotten Peoples. Centuries ago The Parents of these Farmers and Wanderers awoke in grand TECH Tombs to find the Scares of The Last War healing, and in time they ventured out into The New World. The first to wake took with them the Machines which had guarded their long sleep, and they founded new cities and states. In time they eventually forgot their own history. These are the people who we now know as Cityfolk. The most powerful of these are NAC and TFW.

Other ancient TECH Tombs, which by design opened much later, had lost their Machine Guardians to the violence of time and nature or by the plundering of TECH Scavengers, who knew nothing of the sleeping people protected in The Deep Vaults. When these last Tombs opened The Forgotten People awoke to empty open lands.

Some of these people while unprotected by the lost Machines, found their own means sufficient to sustain themselves. They simply knew how to do things that enabled them to start a new life, and they did not question why. These people lead their Brethren to a new and peaceful life, unknown to, and long forgotten by Cityfolk. Some stayed in or around The Deep Vaults, farming and hunting  close to the safety they had known so long in the great caves made by their long dead forbearers. Other chose to move into the depths of The Wildlands.

Some of these little communities have been discovered and the Traders, Scouts, and other Benign Travelers who found them, promptly dubbed these people Countryfolk. Today many of these isolated little Townships are still known only by the Travelers who guard the secret of their locations.

Not all of the Ancient TECH Tombs opened to pleasant forgotten wild-lands. Some had sustained damage to critical to maintain the vast machines which kept the human sleepers safe from the HTX-06 Compounds and other Viruses, while the war ravaged planet slowly healed itself.
These Long Sleepers gradually mutated in their vaults to varying degrees, and awoke as something other than human. The first MURG Spawned in some of these ill-fated places, while others became what we now call The Nomads.

Of The Nomads there are some who retained their Humanity, their bodies changed, but they did not become monsters. These wanderers are mighty indeed, and the people who have met them tell stories of the heroic deeds of these great people.

A Word On Design. I am doing a hell of a lot of sculptures for my Tribals. There are as you have seen, three main types. However there are variants to these such as a Dwarf sub-race of The Human Nomads. The two images at the top of the Simon Bisley Collage are my inspiration for the Dwarven People. Furthermore some of The Countryfolk and Human Nomads have adopted TECH as a useful tool.
I am still working on all of this, so I have to come up with some more names for the various classes of peoples.
Tribals are, for the time being, a catchall for The Fantasy Elements in Tomorrow Black.

Expect many WIP Articles on this Faction.



  1. I would literally crap my pants If I saw that leaky nosed hairy shit under my bed! omg!!

  2. Very cool. Excellent background. I'm looking to hearing and seeing more.

  3. I would not let him get you Kitty Girl.

    Joe I am writing up a series of Novels for this setting.
    I might get the first one done this year in fact.

  4. Simon Bisley is my favourite "fantasy" artist"...his Slaine series is brilliant!!!

  5. I love him too Paul.
    His work is in my sculpting for sure.
    That is one reason my little Glertchech and Kainards have all of them muscles.

  6. The 'feathered' girl, in miniature, would make a nice complement to the Maidenhead 'Babes that Time forgot'!


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